Samsung Galaxy S10 is a stylish phone, by looking at the design you will say that the phone should be like this...

Last year alone, I heard that Samsung is going to change in 2019. At the beginning of this year, the company also realized it. The company introduced the Galaxy M series and the new A series in the midrange, compared to Samsung's old phone lineup, not only in the feature but also in the look and price. Now the turn was to see the flagships and in February the company launched the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. At first sight, we were trying to figure out how much change has happened and then we started the review. But when the phone was seen, it was realized that yes, actually Samsung has changed. However, after the launch of February 20, the phone's review can be called a little old, but it is important to mention here that the company launches the S-series only once a year and there is the talk of the phone throughout the year. Therefore, the review is made.

Start the review with the design...


When Samsung Galaxy S10 came to us, there were other people with me at that time and we instantly opened the box. After watching the phone, Wove turned out of everyone's mouth. This was the biggest achievement of this phone. The phone design is very different from the old Galaxy S8 or S9 and it is quite slick. The biggest thing is that it is quite compact even after the big screen. In this size screen, we have not seen so many compact phones. Its thickness is only 7.8 mm, while the S9 thickness was 8.5mm. The company has used the dynamic AMOLED display in it but due to being slim the curve is less visible than before. The advantage of this is that unwontedly touching the palm on the side screen, again and again, you will be able to use the phone easily.

First glimpse: See how fantastic this phone is

Samsung's S-series has a premium feel from the beginning and it has become better this time. Samsung Galaxy S10's backpack is made of glass, while the company has presented it on the matte frame. On the right is the power button while the volume on the left and the company's voice assistant Bixby button is given. On the top are a sim slot and 3.5mm audio jack, USB type-c and loudspeaker grill in the bottom. The glass panel looks quite delicate and it can easily be broken. Although the company has covered with a sales pack, which can be said well.


To the front panel, the company has given the Bezel Less Punch Hole Display. However, it has been named Infinity O by Samsung. The selfie camera is available on the right side of this hole. At the same time, you will see earpiece in the middle of the phone. In the last panel, there is a flash and heart rate sensor with three cameras inside the dimensional design. Overall, the design is awesome and you will definitely like it.

If there is of talking a lack, then one reduction can be said that 3.5mm audio jack is given below, in such a way, if you are playing a game by wearing earphones, then it looks in the hands and the control button comes right there. Here you may have a little problem.

The display is also the best


The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1-inch screen. The bezel on the phone is so small that you will not see anything except the screen and the camera on the front panel. Its screen-to-body ratio is 88.3 percent. The company has introduced it with 19.5: 9 aspect ratios and its screen resolution are 1440 x 3040 pixels.

The phone's screen Gorilla Glass 6 is coated, which protects the screen from small thick scratch and strengthens the screen. Gorilla Glass 6 is the newest screen protection technology in Corning. On the other hand, it can be said that the phone has HDR 10+ support, so the colors on the display and the display will be absolutely realistic.

The most remarkable thing in the display is that the punch hole appears empty but that is the touch response. Whether you are accessing the quick menu or sliding it uses it. Where most phones are offered to Selfie on the left. On the right side, there is a punch hole in the S10 on the Notch Display. Although initially, we felt slightly different but later realized that there is not a lot of things in the place where there is a punch hole, in such a way the display does not spoil the hole.

The phone's display is superb and the better the touch response. The company has used the dynamic AMOLED panel and it will be realized during your use. You're in the strong sunshine; there will be no problem anywhere. While its Always On Display will also affect you significantly. It does not always turn on. But as soon as you lightly touch the screen it turns on.


As it is known, these display fingerprint scanners have been provided in the Samsung Galaxy S10. The company has used Qualcomm technology ultrasonic in display fingerprint scanner. The phone's display fingerprint scanner is good but can not be called too fast. Earlier, we used the optic in display fingerprint scanner in the OnePlus 6T which is much faster. On the Samsung Galaxy S10E, there is a fingerprint scanner on the side panel that is also very fast. Regardless of this, you will not have trouble. You can set these display fingerprint scanners on the Always On Display.

On the other hand, before I had used a device like Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Plus where the bottom part of the phone's screen was clickable and we saw this lack of feature. Although there is an array of weave-up, the clickable screen experience was great.

A new realization of software

Samsung Galaxy S10 is offered on the Android operating system 9 Pie. In this, you will get to see the company's new UI. The company has given the UI a lot, in such a situation where there was a complaint in TouchWiz and Samsung Experience, there was nothing like this. In this by default, the icon is slightly bigger. For this reason, it is easy to use but many people may have a slight complaint. There is an option in it, you can make changes by going to the home screen settings. At the same time, like the phone, the option to rotate the home screen is also given.

Along with this, the company has also given the option of screen gestures to replace the navigation bar. Its option will be found in the navigation bar inside the display. Turning it on, the navigation buttons are deleted from the screen and instead of the navigation function will be displayed three times. Not only this, if you want, you can also change the placement of these buttons. This option is available right here.

Like other flagship phones in Samsung, it also has the integration of Voice Assistant Bixby, but I am not a fan of Bixby myself but impressed by Bixby Routine itself. In this, you direct the task and at that time it automatically activates the app in the phone. You can set your routine from morning to night.

Today is the connection of the connected device. TV, Fridge, AC, R.O., and the bulb are connected to the internet. In this case, the company gave an app called smart things, which automatically connects Bluetooth and WiFi-based devices by scanning. Options such as Kids Home and Blue Light Filter are also very beneficial for you.



As seen every time Samsung launches its flagship phone with two processors. This is the same as this time too. A model is on Snapdragon 855, which is available for the U.S. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 model available in other countries including India runs on the Exynos 9820 chipset, which is Samsung's own processor. In this, you will find the Octa-core processor (2 × 2.73 GHz mongoose M4 + 2 × 2.31 GHz Cortex-A 75 + 4 × 1.95 GHz Cortex-A55). Along with this, you will get to see the Mali-G76MP12-EMEA processor for graphics.

The company has introduced Samsung Galaxy S10 with 8 GB of RAM, with 128 GB / 512 GB of memory. In addition, the phone has memory card support and you can use up to 512 GB of the micro SDcard. Although the second slot is hybrid, only one or more of the memory card or SIM can be used.

It was good to see that about 2.5 GB of RAM is used in 8 GB and you get 5.5 GB of RAM. Talking about memory, about 25 GB of 128 GB goes into the system file and OS and you get 103 GB free.

Talk about performance, the processing is extremely smooth and you will feel the feeling of being a flagship. Yes at the beginning a couple of apps crashed but after the update, it started working smoother again. Why do not you open any app together but it did not matter. Yes, opening an app seems a bit slower than the OnePlus, but this may cause one UI animation. Otherwise, no complaints will be found in the performance.

Camera: Better but Pixels are still the best


Triple camera set up in the rear panel of Samsung Galaxy S10 has been given. The main camera is 12-megapixels and it supports F / 1.5-2.4 variable aperture. Earlier, we have seen this in Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy Note 9. Dual pixels with the main sensor are PDAF and OIS support. Its second sensor is of 12-megapixels and the company has introduced it with F / 2.4 apertures. This sensor is telephoto and also features 2x optical zoom and OIS support with autofocus. The third sensor of the phone comes with F / 2.2 apertures and it works for a wide angle.

In addition to Pro and Panorama mode with the camera, Wide Angle support has been provided. The best thing to say is that in this video the video also has wide angle mode which can be seen in very few phones. At the same time, the video also offers ultra slow motion with slow motion. For video, it is able to record 4K recording with 60 FPS.

Talking of camera quality, there are no two opinions on it, it is very good. At the same time, its experience becomes even better in the great display. It can not even deny that it enhances the need for photos, especially the face. If you are taking pictures of anything else then this problem will not be there. In every condition, it is capable of taking a better picture. However, there have been complaints about its low light on many sites. But we have not had any such problem. Especially in the night, we shot several videos and got great results.

New Age Security

A battery of 3,400 MAH batteries has been provided in the phone for power backup. The company has introduced it with USB Type C and will get a 15-watt fast charger with a sales pack. Within one and a half hour this phone is almost fully charged. At the same time, it is fast charging support even during wireless charging. It can be said a lot better. Yes, if the battery backup was a bit better then it would have been better. Once fully charged, even after the average use, only one whole day gets out. In heavy use, you have to charge twice.


After watching all the segments it comes as if it is worth buying or not. So let's say that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is priced at Rs. 66,900 in the Indian market. This budget is very big and you will want the best phone on it. It's a premium design, great performance, and better display you will love. If you take the phone, you will realize that the phone is expensive. You could expect better than the camera but Wide Angle and Slow Motion is the best. It can be said that you can take the S10.

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