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LCD Display Vs AMOLED Display - Which Is Better?

The processor, as well as the display, is also considered to be a key factor for better performance in smartphones. Let you know that the screen quality and pixel resolution are proportional to each other. But when it comes to the technology used in pixels, it becomes a little difficult to understand. If we talk about smartphones, there are two techniques. The first is AMOLED and the second is the LCD. But do you know the difference between these two screens? If not, here we are going to answer every question you have.

Types of Display

There are mainly two types of display OLED and LCD. OLED stands for Organic light-emitting diode and LCD means Liquid crystal display.

Again there are two types of OLED display PMOLED (Passive Matrix) and AMOLED (Active Matrix). Two types of LCD display TFT (Thin Film Transistor) and IPS (In-Plane-Switching).

First, let's know about AMOLED or OLED display:

By the name AMOLED, you will understand that this is a variant of OLED display technology used in television. AMOLED can give better quality to any pixels and has all the features of an OLED display like colour reproduction, better battery life, high brightness and sharpness. Apart from this, AMOLED display also includes TFT i.e. thin film transistor which makes the whole process of sending pixels in the right direction easy and smooth. At the same time, TFT gets control of operating different pixels with the help of an Active Matrix.

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Now let's talk about LCD:

Talking about LCD, it is the most seen in smartphones. The LCD has a dedicated white backlight. It comes with a blue tint. Because white light is a mixture of all colours. Apart from this, both the active and passive matrix is ​​provided in the LCD. Which matrix will be given in which phone depends on its need and price.


Now it is very important to know which is better on both of these screens. Although, the AMOLED display is better for future smartphones. Both screens have some advantages and some disadvantages. In this post, I am going to give you information about what are the main differences between these two screens.

1. Price

The first major difference in both techniques is price. If you are looking for a budget smartphone with AMOLED display then it can prove very difficult for you. This is because LCD displays can be made at a much cheaper price. While an AMOLED or the OLED display has to be paid more for making.t

2. Colours

The quality of any display is measured by its sharpness and colours. At the same time, a display cannot be measured only based on technology. This is because if two manufacturers make a display with the same technology then it is difficult to differentiate them and they can give different results. If we only look at colours, AMOLED's high-contrasting colours give better quality to the user. This is because every pixel of the AMOLED display produces its light. While the backlight is the source of the light of the pixels of the LCD. AMOLED has more colours while the LCD has a white colour. That's why the colours of the AMOLED display are better because its whites have a yellow and red tint.

3. Brightness

The LCD screen was the winner in this segment. Because the low light brightness level of AMOLED is not good. While LCD performs better in this segment. In such a situation, if you use a smartphone in the sun, then the LCD provides better results.

4. Battery consumption

The phone's display is also considered an important factor in battery consumption. If the screen is off in AMOLED phone then your battery consumption will be less. Because the phone has a black background. But LCD needs a dedicated backlight, so in this case, the battery consumption is more. If a company with an LCD screen gives an Always-On display, it will drain the battery quickly. This is why companies always offer Always on Display with AMOLED screen.


AMOLED vs. LCD: What is better for you? If both the display's disadvantages and advantages are seen, then the AMOLED panel can outlast the LCD panel at any time. Because AMOLED has better colour and lower battery consumption. But, when it comes to brightness level, it is slowly being improved. However, it is also bypassed in many cases.
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