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How to Turn an Android Phone Into a Dumbphone

How to Turn an Android Phone Into a Dumbphone

For fourteen days toward the finish of 2018, I purchased a flip phone. I wanted to detach and have the alternative to leaving the web without being out of reach to family and companions. Also, I wanted to recall what it was like to not know something; that implied no Google or Wikipedia.

Did I get what I wanted? Not exactly. The dumbphones I utilized weren't especially great. So I've returned to utilizing a smartphone. Be that as it may, while I included back a couple of highlights that were the most challenging to manage without, I've crippled or expelled the majority of what individuals partner with smartphones.

Here's the manner by which you can transform your Android phone into a (for the most part) dumbphone.

1. Disable the Browser

A smartphone really isn't a smartphone without an internet browser. This app comes stuck to your dock and is one of the greatest time sucks on your gadget. Snap one site and, before you know it, you've been stressing your neck gazing down at the screen for forty minutes.

1. Disable the Browser

Do you really need to peruse articles on your phone? Spare that to do on your PC at assigned occasions. In the event that you firmly lean toward the experience of perusing in a hurry, you can empower the program amid those occasions, at that point handicap it again when you're set.
This additional progression constrains you to stop and contemplate to fall down the rabbit opening. 

2. No Email

The email has a method for changing the direction of our day. A reaction from a partner or a straightforward demand can have you before your PC laboring for two hours. These appear to be dire, yet frequently, they can pause. Our email habit blossoms with us believing that they can't.

2. No Email

I've expelled the email app from my phone. In the event that I completely should get to email when there's no other option, I can re-empower the program and visit the portable site. That measure of exertion is sufficient to shield me from checking mail on my phone frequently.

Not every person has this alternative. In the event that your associates have become used to your consistent accessibility, it might be past the point where it is possible to alter desires without evolving employment. You have even less adaptability in a domain where all representatives are required to be on reserve. In any case, in case you're an understudy or work for yourself, significantly more of the control is in your grasp.

3. Just Keep Essential Apps

What undertakings do you want your phone to do? For me, it's a short rundown: influence calls, to send writings, take photographs, and explore. All however one of these capacities has long come standard on flip phones.

3. Just Keep Essential Apps

On the off chance that you have a need for a compass or a clock, these apps supplement what you're doing on the planet, instead of draw you away. Such utilitarian instruments, like a number cruncher, don't prompt phone dependence. It's the amusements, interpersonal organizations, news apps, and video gushing administrations that you need to keep an eye out for.
When in doubt, take Cal Newport's recommendation in Digital Minimalism and uninstall any app that profits each time you tap on it.

4. Turn Off All Notifications

Did you conclude that you can't part with a person to person communication app or certain recreations? Fine. You can even now curtailed by crippling notices.

Try not to give a morning a chance to coordinate message on Twitter drag you into a two-hour discussion when you expected to go for a run. That diversion doesn't need to disclose to you that more fuel is accessible or that your horse shelter is finished. You'll discover when you take a seat to deliberately open those apps all alone.

This is essential. Notices are a major piece of what makes us feel crazy. Every approaching toll is the phone's method for revealing to us when to lift it up. We obey more frequently than we'd like. By killing those alarms, we approach the gadget on our terms.

Make a special case for calls and messages. This is a phone, all things considered. In the event that you want to incorporate other informing apps, (for example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) as writings, that is your call. Our groups of friends all convey in various ways.

5. Turn Off Data and Wi-Fi

5. Turn Off Data and Wi-Fi

Our phones needn't bother with a data association so as to oversee calls and messages. However, they do need web access to recover tweets, show us Facebook contentions, download work connections, and supply an interminable stream of online journals. Flipping Wi-Fi and cell data off is the single most straightforward approach to expel those diversions. 

Most Android phones accompany a switch in the warning shade for these associations. On the off chance that you would prefer not to alter it manually, you can likewise cripple data on a for each app premise. Rolling out this improvement encourages you to remain concentrated on different undertakings, and it can enormously broaden your phone's battery life.

Note: If like me, you utilize an informing app other than essential SMS, you won't almost certainly impair data use altogether. Be that as it may, you can handicap data for different apps, or possibly empower data amid times when you actually want to talk.

6. Download Music, Maps, Etc. for Offline Use

Neighborhood records needn't bother with access to the web, so you don't need to re-empower Wi-Fi or LTE at whatever point you want to play a web recording or your main tunes. This decreases how frequently you associate with the web, sparing you from enticement each time.

You can do likewise with a route. Google Maps gives you a chance to spare segments of territory for disconnected use, yet it's somewhat constrained. I prescribe downloading an elective that gives you a chance to store whole nations disconnected, like OsmAnd.

7. Install a Simpler App Launcher

Your phone's interface urges you to install more programming. You might almost certainly swipe crosswise over home screens or open an app cabinet that is intended to show 20 apps at once. With such a format, expelling all yet eight apps can leave your phone feeling broken.

A substitute format can improve apps in a way where despite everything you sense that you're utilizing a completely included gadget. Along these lines, it never again appears as though you're limiting yourself. Observation matters. In case you're searching for alternatives, launchers went for more established smartphone clients might be a decent spot to begin.

8. Dispose of Google Play

Smartphones accompany more inherent programming than flip phones. Investigate the default apps. Odds are you as of now have a program, a music player, and an approach to take notes. The screen captures above show what comes preinstalled on the Essential Phone, which gives just a bunch of few apps contrasted with most Android gadgets.

On the off chance that you want to rearrange your phone condition, don't install a solitary extra app from the Play Store. You can even expel Google Play! There's no simple method to do as such without establishing or installing a custom ROM, yet endeavoring will expand to what extent your Android phone endures on account of the expulsion of Google's experience administrations.


The first purpose of conveying phones in our pockets was to be open. We've since twisted that to mean at any point associated and dependable on. This effectively affects our wellbeing, our social associations, and the manner in which we approach our lives.

A phone is a device. Like a mallet or a ruler, there are sure errands that influence me happy to have one around. However, my life doesn't spin around different instruments, and it shouldn't hover around this one either. The reasons I wanted to dump my smartphone are as yet legitimate, regardless of whether I'm at present not doing as such in the manner in which I anticipated.
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