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Vivo V15 Pro review

After the arrival of two top of the line, fascinating smartphones from the NEX lineup, Vivo is prepared to convey the periscope selfie camera to the mid-range portion and the V15 Pro is the first one to profit by it. The smartphone closely resembles a leader, offering uncommon highlights like full-screen display, spring up selfie cam and under-display unique mark peruser.
vivo-v15-pro-review.Also, V15 Pro's photography abilities appear to be forcefully noteworthy. The back triple-camera setup is featured by the fresh out of the plastic new 48MP 1/2" sensor, while the lifting module on the front holds a 32MP selfie camera.

What's more, that is not all. The Vivo V15 Pro is additionally the first handset to exploit the Snapdragon 675 chipset. We are interested to see where it spaces as perceiving how the Snapdragon 670 was at that point entirely near the 710, the 675 may give the more premium chip a keep running for its money.


The Vivo V15 Pro is certainly a looker with its sweet blue angle shading quickly establishing a connection. It additionally has an inconspicuous stripes design giving it an unmistakable look.

The front is much cooler with the about bezel-less front board as great as any flagship's. Since the forward-looking camera springs up on a mechanized slider, it dispenses with the need of a score. Truth be told, the upper bezel is so meager, it scarcely has enough space to consolidate the earpiece so Vivo put the encompassing and proximity sensors under the display in the upper-left corner. Indeed the main bezel that is detectable is the last one Vivo still completed a quite great job here. The side edge is simply 1.75mm while the main one is only 2.22mm. With this, Vivo cases to have accomplished a noteworthy 91.64% screen-to-body proportion. Lamentably, the organization doesn't determine the kind of protection on the display so we expect there's no Gorilla Glass here. The back and the casing are produced using plastic with reflexive completion.

We do comprehend that Vivo needed to transform the back camera setup into to some degree an emphasize however the somewhat protruding blocky piece won't be some tea. Still, considering the sensors utilized by both the essential camera and the slider selfie snapper we can unquestionably live with some swelling. The sides of the Vivo V15 Pro are fairly intriguing. First, there's a committed catch on the left to call the voice partner and directly above it, is the second plate for the microSD card. That's right, that implies no half breed SIM opening - you can stick a memory card and two SIM cards in the meantime. The entire body feels all around planned and adjusted. Notwithstanding the tremendous 6.39-inch board, the phone is sensibly agreeable to deal with the non-existent bezels meaning the screen fits in a body substantially more smaller than you'd anticipate. The adjusted backboard contributes to the general hold, despite the fact that the reflexive completion removes some of it.

What's more, despite the fact that Vivo claims that the front board utilizes a 2.5D glass, the edges around it are very two stages so they are not splendidly smooth. It's not undesirable, however, it doesn't win any extra focuses either.

Hardware overview

The Vivo V15 Pro conveys a lot of advancement to the mid-extend - it's the first to bring periscope-like selfie camera after the NEX S and the first financially accessible handset with a Snapdragon 675 chipset. Additionally, it's among the few at this value point to have an in-display unique mark peruser and an ultra-wide camera.

Brisk note - the in-display unique finger impression is Goodix's fifth era sensor. Goodix is likewise the provider for Oppo R17 Pro and OnePlus 6T's scanners. The peruser does well regarding pace yet its precision fails to impress anyone. Each couple of endeavors, it would neglect to perceive a finger, which is a minor irritation however not exactly a major issue. Speed-wise, the OnePlus 6T still goes ahead best so maybe because of its quicker chipset.
To the extent memory goes, our unit accompanied 6GB of RAM and 64GB of inside capacity - bounty liberal for a mid-officer as of now. There's even an 8GB/128GB form if that is insufficient for you.

Furthermore, with respect to the display, it has the profound blacks and astounding differentiation you'd expect from a fair AMOLED board and the FullHD+ goals is surely satisfactory. Splendor could have been somewhat higher maybe, yet at the same time, this is surely one of the better screens around these parts of the market.

Battery limit isn't neglected either. The unit inside is evaluated at 3,700 mAh and ought to effortlessly have the capacity to last you an entire day regardless of whether you are an overwhelming client. Our full arrangement of testing will give you a superior thought of how it performs, however, we were at that point ready to test the purported Dual-Engine quick charging. The 18W charger incorporated into the bundle take a totally level battery to 38% in 30 minutes, which is a fine accomplishment for a mid-officer. Oppo's VOOC can exceed that Vivo, yet most different adversaries need to hold up any longer.

The main thing about the equipment that truly crushes our riggings is the obsolete micro USB port. When you've crushed in a mechanized selfie camera unit, an AMOLED display with in-display unique finger impression tech under, the micro USB port feels like it has a place in an alternate time. Of course, it's still adequate to deal with the Dual-Engine Fast Charging tech from Vivo, yet it's 2019 and it's about time all phones moved over to USB-C connectors.

High-resolution main sensor and a sharp pop-up selfie cam

Seemingly the most noteworthy bits about the Vivo V15 Pro are its cameras. The back holds an immense 1/2" 48MP sensor with Quad Bayer channel, an 8MP ultra-wide edge focal point, and a 5MP profundity sensor. Quad Bayer implies that the principle snapper is basically a 12MP substantial sensor camera with continuous HDR and extraordinary low-light execution.

The 32MP selfie camera works similarly just it's the sensor is to some degree littler than the fundamental one. Still for a selfie snapper that is effectively one of the biggest sensors out there - among mid-officers and leaders alike.

Funtouch OS 9.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie out of the box

The Vivo V15 Pro runs Android 9.0 Pie out of the case with Vivo's very own Funtouch OS 9.0 to finish everything. Customizations run profound, which probably won't interest everyone except Funtouch likewise offers huge amounts of highlights that are difficult to ignore.

On the off chance that you know about Funtouch OS, you won't be astonished by this emphasis either. There are no easy routes or switches close by the warnings and rather, you need to slide from the base to open up the fast flips. Swiping from the best will draw out your ongoing warnings. Here are two or three screen captures from the settings menu and a portion of the fundamentals.

As each producer with custom skin nowadays, the Vivo likewise has its own interpretation of the motion based route framework. Vivo's signals all include swiping from the base edge of the screen. Swiping from the inside goes about as a home catch, swipe and hold draw out the ongoing applications menu and swipe from the base left is back. In any case, swiping from the base right takes out the fast switches menu. They may appear to be basic enough yet with each OEM doing making their very own form, it begins to get befuddling.


The Vivo V15 Pro is the first smartphone with Qualcomm's new mid-run powerhouse chipset - the Snapdragon 675. The chip holds eight of the recently structured Kryo 460 Silver and Gold CPU centers and is made on the purported 11nm process - basically a blend of 14nm and 10nm parts.

The two Kryo 460 Gold centers are ARM Cortex-A76 subsidiaries and tick at 2.0 GHz while the six Kryo 460 Silver centers depend on the Cortex-A55 and keep running at 1.7 GHz. An Adreno 612 will do the truly difficult work.

We couldn't avoid and ran a portion of the benchmarks to perceive how it stacks against the more established Snapdragon 600-arrangement and the higher-end Snapdragons too. We tossed in a Kirin 710 SoC in with the general mish-mash to perceive how it passages against the challenge as well.

It creates the impression that the Snapdragon 675 could possibly be the new mid-run ruler or you could express it's a profound successor to the Snapdragon 660. Crude execution is exceptional to the point where in single-center benchmarks, the SD675 even pounds the Snapdragon 835 and matches the Snapdragon 845. In multi-strung errands, it's basically keeping pace with the Snapdragon 835 while still serenely beating the Snapdragon 710.

And keep in mind that the Snapdragon 675 spaces between the Snapdragon 710 and the Snapdragon 845 as far as crude CPU execution its GPU misses the mark regarding both. Actually, the Adreno 612 is scarcely an improvement over the Adreno 512 in the Snapdragon 660. It creates the impression that the 675 will be substance to be the best mid-extend chipset for productivity, leaving the gaming to the Snapdragon 710. We are additionally yet to perceive how well it does as far as productivity since we haven't finished our battery test yet, yet we do expect the Vivo V15 Pro to do great there.


Here are no ifs and or buts - the Vivo V15 Pro is an amazing phone and effectively one of the most energizing mid-officers as of late. The full-screen front, the huge sensor selfie camera on a mechanized slider and the superb 48MP fundamental camera are on the whole highlights deserving of a leader.

The AMOLED board with in-display unique mark scanner were at that point present on the Vivo V11 Pro, yet that senor was inconsistent to the point of futile, though the V15 Pro accompanies a substantially more cleaned execution that can work well for you in your day by day utilization.

We mustn't disregard the Snapdragon 675 chipset either as it proved to have more CPU snort than even the Snapdragon 710 - a most loved to both easygoing and substantial clients a year ago gratitude to its extraordinary parity of execution and proficiency.
Vivo V15 Pro review Vivo V15 Pro review Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Thursday, February 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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