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Differences between iPhone and Android Phone

All know about the iPhone and Android phones. If an iPhone takes an Android phone But people do not understand that if there are similar features in the iPhone and Android phones.

So why do people take an iPhone and some people an Android phone? Everyone knows about the iPhone and Android phones but no one knows what's the difference between them. So here is the difference between the iPhone and Android phones. So let's know what is the difference between the iPhone and Android phones.

Android and iPhone are almost the same. But some things make them different from each other.

1Operating System

The main difference between Google's Android and Apple's iOS is its operating system availability. That is, Google's Android operating system can put any mobile company in its mobile for free.

While companies need to get permission from Apple to put the iOS operating system in mobile or say it to buy.

2Sorces Model

An Android-based open-source operating system and the mobile user interface and features that can be customized in every way.

Although iOS is a closed-source operating system, many of its components are open-source, and iOS-based smartphones are also considered user-friendly in many ways.


In Android mobile, the user can do different types of customization accordingly, even the operating system can change.

Apple allows its user to have very little customization.


Any company or developer application for Android can run in mobile. You will find thousands of applications free on the Google Play Store.

In Apple's iOS, only the apps created and allowed by Apple are working. On the Apple Store, you get less free and premium applications.

You can get 1,000,000+ application free on Google Play Store, but for some applications, you can afford to pay. Apart from this, apps for other apps such as Amazon, GetJar, and 9 apps can also be downloaded for Android.

On the Apple Store, you get less free and premium applications.


Those who keep a little distance from technology may have some difficulty in running Android at the beginning but once it is understood its interface it is easy to operate.

Apple Mobile's interface is very easy to work, but the user can not do more customization in it.

6File Transfer

It is very easy to transfer files to Android Mobile then Apple. Data or file can be transferred in a few moments through a USB port or application.

It is a bit difficult to transfer files to Apple than Android. Media files can be transferred through the iTunes desktop application, besides transfer photos and other data via USB port.

7Mobile Phone Companies

Apple is the only company that makes the iPhone, because of its complete control over hardware and software due to which the hardware and software of the iPhone are very good. On the other hand, Android phones make many companies. Every company has certain features in its phone. Google itself had offered Android software to many phones. Android phones are okay in size, weight, features, and quality.


Overheating and the hanging problem keeps coming in on Android phones, while the iPhone comes with a hardware problem. Overheating and hanging problems do not come in the iPhone.

9Battery Performance

Nowadays, bigger batteries are being used in Android mobile, which is capable of running longer

Apple's mobile does not have much battery, but with the help of software/hardware optimization, its battery also lasts for a long time


In the case of data protection of the android, the user is weak due to being an open-source and third-party application. Apple is more protective of user data than Android.

11Releasing Time 

The new model of the iPhone takes a lot of time to release. It also happens with Android devices but very little. There are a lot of people who want their phone to work well, to run the app that he wants. In front of all this, the iPhone fulfils their expectations. Because Apple pays much attention to its model. The iPhone is very good at running, their quality is also very good. 


Android OS supports more than 100 languages.

Apple's iOS supports only 34 types of languages.

13After Sales Service

After-sales service means how iPhone and Android phone helps you in the wake of selling your phone. Despite an Android phone, an iPhone is greatly improved than some other companies.

In the event that you have taken an iPhone and in the event that there is an issue in it, at that the point you can go to the Apple store, on the by chance that it tends to be fine, at that point, it will be fine in the event that it isn't alright, at that point rather than that phone, you will get another phone.

Yet, in the event that there is an issue with the Android phone, at that point, conversing with customer care does not get the correct answer for that issue, at that point you need to bring your phone into the administration focus or fixing shop.

Apple does not overlook its customers in the wake of selling their phones. Apple's customer support is at No.1 in the world.

if Conclusion 

We hope you now understand the difference between Android OS and iOS mobile. If you still have any doubts about anything related to this post in your mind, then you can ask in the comment box below. If you like this post then share it with your friends and Facebook, Twiter, Instagram.
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