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Does More Megapixel Mean Better Camera?

Whenever we compare the smartphone's camera, we compare it to megapixels, the 21MP smartphone will be better than 16MP smartphones, but it does not happen...

Whenever we compare a smartphone camera, we compare it to Megapixel only. The 21MP smartphone will be better than the 16MP smartphones, so we think. But, it does not happen. Its reality is something else. After all, what's the matter, you will know in this article. So, let's get started.



Friends, Megapixel means Million Pixel. In 1 Megapixel, 1 million means 10 million pixels.


If we zoom in and view a photo carefully, then we will see only small square boxes in it. Those square boxes are called pixel.

Where is it called PIXEL?

Friends, our Smartphone camera has 3 layers.
1) Lens
2) Aperture
3) Sensor

So what Pixels are, they are settled in that sensor.


What is the work of PIXEL?

Whenever we click on a photo, it is the work of the pixels that are done, gathering information about that clicked photo. Where is the light where the photo is less, the colour which is the colours and the contrast is, all this information collects these Pixels. The more pixels the more we will get. But this does not mean that the quality of Photo will also be good.



Look, if you talk about the resolution. The resolution of MP is 1152 x 864. Calculate this, we get approximately 10 lac in 1 million Pixels.

2MP = 1600 x 1200
3.2MP = 2048 x 1536
5MP = 2560 x 1920
8MP = 3264 x 2448
12MP = 4000 x 3000

Meaning as we increase the Megapixel, the number of pixels also increases.

So if compare 21MP and 16MP,
21MP = 5616 x 3744
16MP = 4920 x 3264

Now let's talk about the issue. Photo quality does not depend solely on Megapixel. Photo quality also depends on the camera's sensor size and aperture



Now here's one thing to understand ...
The larger the size of the pixel, the pixel will work as well and it will be able to collect as much detail information as possible. If the pixel size is low, then he will not be able to do his job properly and collect less information. So if the 21MP and 16MP sensor size are the same, then it will be 21 million pixel in 21MP and 16 million pixel buses in 16MP. This means it will be able to gather more information than 16MP pixels 21MP pixels. In such a case, the pixel size of the 16MP camera will be large and the pixel size of a 21MP camera will be less. The higher this information, the better the photo quality.
The size of these pixels is measured in um. Like 1.1 um, 1.12 um, 1.4um, 1.7 um, etc.



If you talk about aperture then Aperture is a small window, which opens and closes while clicking on the photo. The work of this window is to control the light amount.
The larger the window, the camera sensor gets as much light as possible and the more details we get in the photo.

You have to hear names like f1.8, f2.0, f2.8 several times.


So the lower number here is the better Aperture, mean f2.0's aperture will perform better than  f2.4 aperture.



So, friends, how to do you feel today about my post? Today I told you "Does more Megapixel mean better camera?"

So friends, if you ever compare the camera to any smartphones or want to buy a new Smartphone, just do not mistake the comparison of Megapixel numbers only.
This is a small effort of people to bring awareness about Android technology among the people through this website. I hope you have enjoyed my efforts.

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