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Does More RAM Mean Faster Smartphone?



Friends, talk about Smartphones comparison, people have many misconceptions. Because of which, they take their decisions by believing in what they have heard.

Like many other people like this, there is a misconception that the more megapixel camera has the best picture quality.

So brother is not like that I have explained this in this article. You must definitely read. So along with the camera RAM is also something that many people have misconceptions about 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and do not know what?

There is also rumor spread that there are 15GB-20GB of RAM in the coming days and there is also a lot to be seen. So before taking a smartphone with the most RAM, Brother, know that,

What is the work of RAM?

So you need RAM or not?

In this article, we are going to talk about this. It is definitely a bit difficult to understand these things, but I will try to explain it to you in a simple way.



Whenever we open the app, whether we play games, listen to songs, watch photos or videos, to store all these things, our Smartphone needs a place, that place RAM in place.

For example, we walk in our kitchen, where our mom is making a meal. When the mom starts to cook, then the ingredients that she wants material should be removed from the cupboard and placed on the kitchen platform. After the meal is made, the luggage that is on the kitchen platform puts it back in its place.
The larger the kitchen platform, here you will find a good place to keep the ingredients, and the mom will be able to do as well. Something like this happens in our Smartphone.

Like the mom means smartphone's CPU unit, Cupboard mane storage, ingredients are considered apps and Kitchen Platform mane RAM.
When we use apps, we use the CPU unit, RAM to store that app's work for some time.
The more RAM will be, the more space will be available to store the apps, and the more space the apps will be able to do their work properly. When space is filled up, then RAM does not get the space to store new apps and our Smartphone starts performing slow.

The meaning of this is that the more RAM is, the more our smartphone will work faster



When our mom cooks, how much space does she need to work?
4 × 2 feet? Or maximum 5 × 3 feet? And ??
If we give our mom 7 × 4 feet to work or make that Kitchen Platform 10 × 5 feet bigger. Or even more. What is the use?
How much space is needed for a mom to work?

If you give it 10 × 5 feet also, then the place where it is not used will not be wasted. Something like this happens with the smartphone.

Do we know how much work we do in our Smartphone?
How much RAM is needed to do that work?

If I want to play the heavy game then I can do that in 3GB too.
2GB or more than 3GB is enough for listening to music or for data transfer.

If we have taken a 6GB RAM Smartphone and only listen to songs, or just play games then the remaining RAM is not lost then?
Just because there is more RAM does not mean, that architecture and speed also depend on how much it is.



Friends Architecture is as important as a number. (2GB / 3GB)
You must have heard, names like DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4.
Those who have budget smartphones live in DDR3 and have big budget smartphones live in DDR4.


The thing to think about is that, with the big budget of 3GB of RAM, smartphones perform better than low-budget 3GB RAM Smartphones.

If both smartphones have the same RAM, then where is the difference?
Friends, RAM has its own speed, which we call clock speed.

As there is some GHz frequency in our Smartphones processors, RAM also has some MHz frequency.
Such as 800MHz, 1000MHz, 1400MHz, 1600MHz

(1GHZ = 1000MHz)

More frequency, the Smartphone will work as fast as possible.
Friends, it is meant to say that there is no benefit from just getting more RAM, how much you use that Smartphone, you buy a Smartphone accordingly.

More RAM means to the fastest smartphone, remove these from your brains.



So, friends, how to do you feel today about my post? Today I told you "Does More RAM Mean Faster Smartphone?'' I hope you have got to learn something new.

If you still have some confusion about RAM, do not forget to write down in the comment box below, and if you liked my Today's post, you can also, tell us by commenting in the Comment Box. You can also subscribe to my website Technical Kanu's Notification for similar information so that you can get the information on our new post. You can also share this post with your friends. Then bye bye Friends! Have a good day.
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