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eSIM Technology Explained

eSIM is a pre-installed chip, it does not require any physical SIM card, even then these SIMs will work just like normal SIM card does...

Hello friends, Welcome to Technical Kanu. Today I will tell you about eSIM technology.

Friends, as our Smartphone Technology is evolving, our Smartphones are also making better. Then whether we talk about Super AMOLED Display or In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner. Whether we talk about Triple Camera Setup or 3D Face Recognition. As the days are running, Smartphone Technology is going to get a new front. The name of such new technology is currently running on Trending, that is eSIM Technology.

Now, this eSIM is finally what? Do we need this eSIM today? How to use eSIM? What are its Pros and Cons? and in the coming days, will we be able to come to this technology in everyday life? You will know all in this article. So lets started.

What is eSIM Technology?

No Smartphone, no matter how powerful it looks incomplete without a SIM card. Due to the invention of the mobile phone, we started using SIM cards. First Mini-SIM then Micro-SIM and then we use today Nano-SIM. By the way, the SIM card is basically a chip, which has small storage. First, we used to save our contacts in SIM cards, but on today's date, we use Cloud to save contacts. In such circumstances, a small chip that contains our IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number information and some authentication keys. enough !!!

For which Smartphone Developers have to give a different place in the device. Along with a SIM tray, spring is also used to eject that tray. Smartphone developers, on the other hand, are increasingly making the screen of the day-to-day device and the rest of the remaining components are making slim and compact. Smartphone developers ...

Instead of just inserting a small informational chip in the Smartphone, if it is embedded then it can be solved. This led to the invention of this eSIM (Embedded SIM) technology. eSIM would not be a physical SIM. Basically, this will be installed in the chip smartphone in advance, which we use today in the Nano-SIM.

How does eSIM work?

Like I told you that eSIM is a pre-installed chip, which does not require any physical SIM card. But even then these eSIMs will work just like normal SIM card does. On being seen, due to the embedded SIM, the chances of Call Drop can be equal. eSIM Technology can do even better.

Friends, if we have to take a new SIM Card, then what do we do for them? We go to Network Gallery or its Service Provider Shop, buy a SIM card. After that Service Provider tells us that in some cases this will become activated. Then it can be activated in 2 hours or it can take 24 hours for that too.

But when it comes to eSIM, here you will find an eSIM QR Code from that Service Provider. We have to go to Setting up our Smartphone, then we have to choose Cellular Setting and Add Cellular Plan.

               Setting> Cellular> Add Cellular Plan

As soon as the QR Code Scanner will activate, you have to eSIM QR Code scan from it. If you are asked for confirmation, your contact number will be there, which will be written on that eSIM packet. After this, you have to install the Service Provider App and activate your Cellular Plan.

Pros of eSIM

Today, almost all smartphones use the Hybrid SIM slot. Because of which we have to use Memory Card, we can only use one SIM. But if we adopt eSIM technology, then our problem can be solved.

By the way, it is a Dual SIM Dual Standby technology. This can simultaneously use both SIM. So you can talk on one side of the call and on the other side you can also send voicemail.

You can store more than one eSIM in your Smartphone, provided there will be only one eSIM activate for the time being. If you have a lot of eSIM, you can switch whenever you want according to your wishes.

Speaking of security, eSIM is quite secure. Your eSIM can never be lost With this technology, your eSIM can become your unique identity. Because of which no other person can misuse your contact number. If your Smartphone is lost, then it will be almost impossible for the person to get the SIM out or deactivate it like today. THANK GOD !!!

If you have to change your Network Service then its procedure will be very easy. You can change your Service Provider by scanning your eSIM code. This means that if you are using the service of Idea, you have to go to Airtel. So you just need to scan Airtel's eSIM QR Code and recharge that number. As soon as you activate the eSIM of Airtel here, Idea's eSIM will be deactivated. Here you do not have to wait until that old SIM is deactivated. eSIM is a re-writable chip so that we can re-write as much as we wish. Whatever the will, we can switch our Network Carrier.

If you have a lot to go overseas then eSIM Technology is no less than a problem for you. You are too late to scan the QR Code of local eSIM Provider at the same time. This will solve the difficulties of your separate SIM card. If you use Smartwatch along with the Smartphone, here you can use the same eSIM for both Devices.

Using eSIM will make it even better to use NFC Technology. Because of which you will not need to carry your Credit or Debit Card at all times. At the same time, you will be able to connect with your laptop and tablet with the help of eSIM Technology. Thanks to eSIM Technology, we can use the service of the Local Network, which can lead to the hassle end of roaming.

Today in India, Airtel and Jio are the only two service providers with eSIM Technology.

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Cons of eSIM

By the way, there is no bad thing to eSIM, but you will have to face a minor problem. In eSIM technology, as easy as switching to the Cellular Network Service, Smartphone Switching will become equally intriguing.

Today if we leave the old Smartphone and buy a new Smartphone, then there is the work of inserting your Nano SIM in the SIM slot.

But here it will not be so easy. When we switch the Smartphone, we have to inform the Service Provider. Switching Smartphone for us is very easy at today's date but switching to a service provider remains intriguing.

Switching Service Provider from eSIM Technology is very easy, but here Smartphone Switching is going to make it a bit difficult.

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Friends, our Smartphone Technology is doing such experiments today, which allows us to use a lot of compact, slim and premium looking smartphones.

The first non-removable battery, Hybrid-SIM Slots, Finger Print Scanning, Bezel-less display, Dual Camera, Notch Design and now the name has come out of this eSIM Technology.

So, friends, how to do you feel today about our post? I hope you have understood it.

Do not forget to write this article of eSIM Technology in the following comment box. If you have any questions or suggestions then definitely tell me. You can also share our post with your friends. Then bye-bye Friends! Have a nice day.
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