Thursday, 21 March 2019

How do You Know that Your WhatsApp has been Hacked?


Here you can find in a simple language that if your WhatsApp has been hacked because everyone is busy to hack their friends WhatsApp...

How do you know that your WhatsApp has been hacked? Everyone is engaged in hacking their friend or someone else's WhatsApp. Because the user's personal chat is in WhatsApp, which the user does not want to share with anyone. To hack WhatsApp account hackers most use WhatsApp web. Because it can be easily hacked by anyone and its WhatsApp account can be hacked. If you use the Whatsapp Web then you need to be careful.

The Easiest way to know if WhatsApp has been hacked

Today we are going to tell you a very easy way to find out if your WhatsApp account is hacked or not. Let you know that you can not run a WhatsApp number in two different devices. To use WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web, it is important to have WhatsApp installed in the smartphone. After the scan of WhatsApp web's QR code with WhatsApp, your WhatsApp Web is activated. Most hackers hack your WhatsApp account by scanning your mobile and scanning it from the QR Code of WhatsApp Web. He does so very well that you do not even know about it.

If your account has been hacked, then you do not have to worry because you can also recover your hack account, so let's know.

First, you have to go to your WhatsApp chat, then tap the three-dot on the right side above the screen.

Here you will find many options where you have to tap Whatsapp Web.

After taping, you will know that your WhatsApp is active in which browser.

If a hacker hacked your WhatsApp, then the hacker's browser details will be here.

If your WhatsApp account is not hacked, you will not get any browser details here. This means your account is absolutely safe.

So here you can know whether your WhatsApp hack has happened or not.

If you want to recover your account, you have to tap on log out from All Computer. If someone has hacked your account, then your account will be deactivated. In this way, you can save your hack account back.


Now you may have realized that WhatsApp is Hacked or not and how to you to keep your account safe then you should keep your account locked so that no one can access this app except you.

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