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Make a Wireless Charger at home


The trend of ringtone has increased manifold. There are so many features on the phone that if the batteries are used they will end up very quickly. If you are sitting somewhere in your house where the charger is not plugged then you may have to face a lot of trouble. 

However, many solutions were brought to deal with such as Power Bank But through the power bank, it takes a lot of time for the phone to be fully charged. In this way, we have introduced a way for you to charge wireless. You can make this wireless charger at home.

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What do you need?

  • USB cable
  • An adapter
  • Copper wire
  • A magnet
  • Aluminium foil

How to become a charger?

1. First, cut the USB cable with the wire on the side of the USB port and the charging port.

2. After this, peel the wire of the USB port, i.e. remove the upper part from which the inside wire becomes visible. By doing so you will see three thin strands inside.

3. Cut out the white-coloured wire from all three wires. You have to do the same with the same charging side pin.

4. Then glue the magnets with the help of glue on the side above the adapter.

5. After the USB and charging, pins are cut, wrap aluminium foil well on their wires.

6. Then wrap the copper wire well on aluminium foil. The copper wire must be wrapped on both sides of the USB side as well as at the tip of the charging side.

7. Then wrap the tape properly on all the stars. Then wrap the copper wire over the tape in the part which is applied in the mobile.

8. Just got your charger ready. Put the adapter in the switch. Your phone will start charging as soon as electricity starts getting started.

Note: This trick has been made through a viral video on social media.
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