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What is 5G and when will it start in India?

What is 5G, how does 5G work, When will the 5G internet service comes to India, 5G advantages and disadvantages, here you find 5G technology complete information...

Do you know what is 5G and how it works? When will the 5G internet service comes to India? What is the Internet speed of 5G and how much better it will be from 4G? In this post, you will find complete information about 5G. Here I will tell you about everything about 5G.

Everyone is eager to know about 5G, and there are so many questions about 5G in their mind, like what will happen in our lives after the arrival of 5G, and how much better it will be from 4G technology.

Before knowing the answers to all these questions it is very important to know the answers to some basic questions related to 5G so that you can understand everything correctly. The first question is, what the 5G is, first of all, we will know about this.

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What is 5G?

5G's full form is Fifth Generation. This is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. This is the fifth generation of wireless network technology and it is much better than 4G, 3G, and 2G technologies.

5G performance targets high data rates, low latency, energy savings, cost reduction, high system capacity and large-scale device connectivity and its speed will be very fast.

Its internet speed will be more than 20 GBPS, this will allow easy to download and upload large data. This will allow HD Movie to be downloaded in just 1 minute.

In this service, you will get super-fast high-speed internet connectivity and you will be able to connect many devices simultaneously without losing internet speed, this will get rid of heavy traffic on the internet.

This will be an ultra-speed network with speed up to 20 Gigabytes per second. After touching on your mobile, the web page will open in less than 1 second.

It will be a challenge for telecom companies to start this service commercially and to improve the infrastructure to accept it, and smartphone and device maker companies have to upgrade their technology to adopt the 5G wireless.

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How does 5G work?

Many new technologies will be used in this, and this high-frequency band will work from 3.5GHz to 26GHz or more. While 4G requires large high-power cell towers to radiate signals, 5G will use many small cell stations to transmit wireless signals. These can be placed in small areas such as light poles or buildings.

It will be used multiple small cells because this millimetre-wave spectrum is always within 30GHz to 300GHz and 5G is required to produce high speed. This can only travel short distances.

The first generation used the lower-frequency bands of the spectrum for wireless technology so that the distance and interference are more. To combat this, the wireless industry has thought of using a lower-frequency spectrum in 5G networks.

By this, the network operator can use the system which they already have. Its internet speed will be 10 to 20 times more than the previous generation; this will be very fast in itself.

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How much different 5G from 4G?

5G will be completely different from 4G technology. It will work on video technology. Whether or not it will work in its original speed at the beginning is not fixed as it all depends on the investment and infrastructure of telecom companies.

At present, the maximum 45Mbps speed at 4G is possible, but a company making the chip estimates that 5G technology can achieve 10 to 20 times more speed.

If this happens then you can imagine downloading a high-definition (Full HD) movie in less than a minute.

Talking about the speed, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to download an HD movie from the 4G network, after the 5G arrival, the movie will be downloaded as you click.

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When will come 5G in India?

You might be wondering when 5G will come to India? So let me tell you about it. The government has started preparing for the auction of the 5G spectrum; the government has asked TRAI to recommend the initial price for the auction of 3600 MHz bands from 3400MHz.

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TRAI has started working on this and the Department of Telecom can soon bring a policy in this regard.

If we talk about Indian telecom companies, Reliance Jio and Airtel is also in the process of infrastructure development for this service. Once the network is set up, users will need 5G compatible devices, after this 5G wireless service can be availed.

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5G service can be launched in India by the beginning of 2020. Until then, smartphone maker companies can offer their 5G support smartphone in the market.

Let me tell you that the Indian telecom market has become very competitive; companies are not able to make profits. In this, investing in new technology can be challenging for companies and they can avoid making huge investments.

Indian telecom companies know that at present, customers are getting 4G data at very cheap prices, why would they spend more on 5G?

If this happens, then 5G services in India can take even more time and maybe available in India by 5G service 2022 or 2023.

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What are the Advantages of 5G?

The biggest advantage of the 5G network is that you will get a high-speed Internet connection and you will be able to do any work easily.

  • The biggest advantage of the 5G service will be that people will get the benefit of high-speed internet connectivity.
  • Full HD movie in the 5G network will be downloaded in 1 to 5 seconds.
  • Cities can be made smart through network connectivity.
  • Users will be able to watch videos without buffering on the online video stream platforms (YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, etc.).
  • Uploading online content or video downloads will take less time.
  • Through this, all the networks can be brought to the same platform.
  • It can be easily managed with the previous generation.
  • This technology can provide connectivity to uniform, uninterrupted and consistent ways all over the world.
  • Space, the Galaxy and the other planet will be very easy to see.
  • Natural disasters like an earthquake can be traced easily.
  • This will make education very easy because any student will be able to gain knowledge from any end of the world without any difficulty.
  • After clicking on the link, the website will be opened immediately after the blink.

Disadvantages of the 5G

We all know that if there is any benefit from anything, then there are also disadvantages. Let's know about the damage caused by 5G,

  • It is difficult to retrieve the speed that is being talked about in 5G.
  • This will cost a lot of money to build infrastructures.
  • There is a related issue with the security and privacy of those who have not yet been resolved.
  • Many older devices are not compatible with this new technology, which will lead to a lot of damage.
  • If your mobile does not support 5G, then you have to buy a new mobile.
  • The technology of 5G is still under process and research is going on behind it. I do not know how much time it will take to arrive.
In today's time, there are many countries where 2G and 3G technology is used so far and people do not even know about 4G.

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After learning about 5G, we can easily understand that it will be better than 4G technology and we can imagine how the world will change after the arrival of 5G and how much will change.

In this post, we have known that what is 5G, 5G works, when will start 5G in India and about the benefits and disadvantages of 5G. I hope you guys liked this info.

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