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What is Android Q?

What is Android Q?

Hello, friends Welcome to Technical Kanu. We will tell you today what is Android Q. Do you want to know something new, then you are looking at the right post? Stay tuned, hope to get complete information with our today's Post ‘What is Android Q’.  You will surely like our post.

What is Android Q

It is still unconfirmed in the form of the next version of Android which means that Android is a feature, it will never stop itself. ("Android 10.0 Quindim") "Android Q What are" and "What are the features in the Android Q "Let's know about it, many of us are still waiting for Android pie to hit/update our phone, but Google does not wait for anyone. It's already difficult to work on MountainView Company Android Q, for the next round of mobile platforms. But what will be brought to Google in the case of new Android Q features?

Take a look at Android Q features...

A proper dark mode

According to the outlet, the dark mode setting applies to the settings menu, launcher, notification shade, and other UI elements. It is believed that the dark mode can be either permanently enabled or automatically switched at certain times of the day. And in a clean touch, it seems that it is possible to force dark mode for unsupported apps.

A dark mode will be a long-term overdue feature for Android, reducing glare at night and improving battery life on the OLED phone. But the company has messed up with this idea and has not distributed it, so do not stop your breath so far.

Permissions when you needed

We saw an overhaul of Android permissions in Android Marshmallow, and this system is building the base for Android Q. But we can see a major change in this update because now you can specify that an app is allowed to use only when certain permission on the application is activated.

This can be useful for privacy-focused individuals, or if you just want to take out more battery life. Why should that messaging app use your microphone, even when it is not open?

Desktop mode

We have distributed both Samsung and Huawei desktop modes in recent years, and this is a very interesting concept. By connecting your phone to a large display, the user interface is similar to a desktop computer. This means that a home screen like a PC, a start menu, a regional app window and the ability to use a keyboard and mouse.

In the prospect of XDA's D-Dive, Android Q features actually got references to a desktop mode, but more information is not forthcoming beyond the name. It's likely that we are putting a look at the desktop experience of Samsung and Huawei, but this might be something different.

A more secure Smart Lock?

Google introduced Smart Lock functionality back in Lollipop days, essentially your phone should be locked when it does not have you. The feature lets you unlock your device based on location (such as a home), a Bluetooth device (such as a fitness band), or when you're taking it.

In the early version of Android Q, there are two additional additions to Smart Lock. The first option lets you use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your device (but once locked it will not unlock your device). The second feature only locks the phone when reliable partner device is no longer trusted. 

Other Android Q features We'd Like to See

Google usually adds a lot of useful features to every major Android update but is also guilty of late for the party due to fan requests. There are some more popular features to come in the stock of Android which we like to see on the Android Q, which includes scrolling screenshots support and screen recording.

Another fast main feature that we want to pop up in stock Android is the App Twin functionality, which allows users to run two accounts on a social media or messaging app. Then there is a biometric safe feature on the phone from various OEMs, from which you can add files and applications to the fingerprint-locked locker. You can see some more popular features that we want to see here on stock Android.


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