What is Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage?

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What is Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

This is a way to store digital data in which the data is stored at different servers on different servers, which is managed by a hosting company or Cloud Storage provider, any person or organization from the Cloud Storage provider company Cloud Storage Providers have the responsibility to buy or rent space to store data Make their data available on demand to the User and provided by his physical environment as well is no problem to be safe and are so user Run |

Examples: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure storage, Apple iCloud, VION Capacity series, OpenStack Swift, Ocean store, VISION cloud.

Types of Cloud Storage

So far, we have come to know about Cloud Storage very well. Now let us know how many types of Cloud Stores are available. If seen mainly, the four types of Cloud Storage are Mehsud in use. Those are Personal, Public, Private and Hybrid

Personal Cloud Storage

It is also known as "Mobile Cloud Storage", under which a person's personal data is supported on the cloud, and that person can access his data from anywhere.
Like - Apple's Cloud

Public Cloud Storage

Under this, the data of an organization is stored on the cloud, but no cloud resource organizes the Cloud Storage provider's data on the public cloud on the data center.

Private Cloud Storage

Under this, the organization and Cloud Storage providers are connected together. The Cloud Storage provider puts its infrastructure in the data center of the organization. Private Cloud Storage is costly but it is better in performance and security.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

It is a combination of public and private Cloud Storage, in which some data is kept at the institution's data center and on some public cloud stores.

The architecture of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Architecture

Cloud Storage

There is a group of resources spread over different places which work together as a resource.
The failure rate is very low in this, it is high fault tolerance.
In this, data can be accessed from anywhere.
This reduces the repetition of the data as the data cable is stored in one place and can be accessed from anywhere.
Since the data is stored in one place, so it makes all the user look alike on any type of change

Advantages of Cloud Storage

1. The data can be accessed from anywhere.

2. With the help of Cloud Storage, any company can use a lot of resources which are engaged in any other organization.

3. Virtual machine image from Cloud Storage can be transported from one data center to another data center.

4. If a person or company has to use expensive resources only for a short time, then the company can use it on the Cloud Storage instead of buying it, under which the company has to pay only as much space as it used to use Have done

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

1. Slow Internet connection is not useful in Slow Internet connection I have trouble accessing and sharing files through it.

2. After some GB data storage, it becomes expensive, so it is expensive for those companies who require huge storage.


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