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What is HDR in Camera?

What is HDR in Camera?

Hello friends! Welcome to Technical Kanu. Today, I will tell you What is HDR in Camera? You have seen the option of HDR in all your Android smartphones' camera settings. After all, what is the HDR in camera? And what is the benefit of taking photos from mobile, how do the use of HDR? We will give you all the information about all these questions in this article. Let's know about it in detail...

What is HDR In Camera?

What is HDR In Camera?

What is HDR In Camera?-1What is HDR in camera? HDR's full form is High Dynamic Range. High Dynamic Range is a technology in the camera that lets you capture a good and better photo in low light and even faster light. First of all, let us tell you that the camera has different types of exposure. An image is created by adding different images of all the HDR ranges in which one photo is in high exposure, the second is in the low exposure and in the third normal exposure. A photo is prepared by mixing this kind of photo, which is called the HDR photo.

How to Work HDR in Camera?

As we told you, Camera HDR mode helps to capture even better photos in less light and more light. For example, you are shooting a photo in which space, there is a dark light on one side and a sharp light on the other side, in such a way when you shot this photo, then there is more light in the dark and bright light space in less light space. In this way, HDR Technology comes in our hands. With the help of this technology, a light color photo can be taken by balancing the low light part and the bright light part.

How to Use HDR Camera?

In the above, we have given you information about what is HDR in Camera and how to HDR works. But now we need to know what conditions we should use HDR, let's know.

Use in Low light Condition

You can use HDR in low light and backlight scans. When the photos you take are too black due to the backlight, you can better capture photos due to HDR technology.

Use in Bright Sunlight

When you take a photo in bright sunlight, the face shines when there is bright sunlight in your face, then you can use the HDR mode to reduce the light on the face. 

Use to a landscape photo shoot

You can use HDR mode whenever you take a landscape photo from your phone camera. Because there is more contrast between earth and sky in the landscape photo. Which you can do with the help of HDR technology.


So, friends, how do you feel today about my post? Today I told you "What is HDR In Camera". I Hope you have understood it and hope you will find answers to many of your questions today, if still, you have some questions in your mind, then you can also ask us by commenting in the Comment Box, I will try to help you.
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