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What is SAR Value and How to Check SAR Value

What is SAR Value and How to Check SAR Value

Hello friends! Welcome to Technical Kanu. Today we will tell you what SAR Value is and how to check SAR Value.
Our today's post is linked to your health, but we will not give you tips on eating and drinking, because today we will tell you about a completely different and very important topic, whose name is SAR Value, this name you rarely heard If you have heard, you will not know about it.
You have seen many times your health-related posts and have even noticed it because such a post is not half of our work and waste time apart from us.
But if you look at today's post, you may be unaware of SAR Value, SAR Value is a very important topic that we need to know.
It is connected to us from our daily routine to sleep, meaning that we are surrounded by 24 hours. If you also want to know what the SAR Value is, then read our post.

What is SAR Value

SAR Value is radiation that we do not see or we can feel it, but radiation can be very harmful to us and for other animals.
By the way, the SAR Value radiation is in electronics thing but its radiation is in the mobile, which connects directly to the Tower and Satellite.
The electronics item which has high Radiation Level can damage your brain and body. The smaller the SAR value of the mobile, the less risk it is.

SAR Full Form


What is Safe SAR Value

Safe SAR Value - The SAR Value is divided into 2 parts. The first head (body) and the second body (body) when you talk to someone on the phone then your head is nearby, different SAR value has been specified for it and when you put the phone in pocket or hand, separate SAR Value is specified.

what-is-sar-value-and-how-to-check-sar-valueHow much should be the SAR value?

Different countries have set different limits for SAR Value, which means that if a company's mobile's SAR value is above a certain limit then it can not be sold in the market. SAR Value of India and America are equal.
SAR Value India - 1kg = 1.6watt / Kg which means your 1kg Tissue, can absorb 1.6 Watt Power.
After knowing the SAR value, you should be wondering if your mobile's SAR Value, how to find let's say how do you check Mobile Radiation?

How to find SAR Value?

To know the SAR value you have to dial * # 07 # in your mobile, after dialing this number, the SAR Value will be displayed on your screen.

Loss of Mobile Radiation

Mobile Radiation is the only disadvantage of harm to every person. Mobile radiation can also lead to cancer, brain tumors.
We all know that our body has 70 percent and the brain has 90 percent water. This water absorbs the body radiation gradually, which goes a long way in proving harmful for health.
If your mobile's SAR value is higher than the above mentioned safe SAR value, then you should tell that excessive use of such mobile can also lead to serious and serious illness like cancer.
Due to the use of mobile half an hour or more every day, the possibility of having a brain tumor in 8-10 years increases by 200-400 percent. Apart from this, there are many other disadvantages such as:
Complaining of headache, persistent tiredness, dizziness, staying in depression, a gradual decrease in hearing, memory loss, etc.

Avoiding Mobile Radiation

The danger of mobile radiation can be avoided by keeping some precautions and the risk of mobile radiation can be reduced to some level, let's know what precautions to keep -

a) Never sleep under a mobile pillow.
b) If it is not possible to use mobile phones directly, talk to the speaker or earphone.
c) If possible, keep the phone as good as possible, at least use it.
d) If you use a lot of mobile, then buy a low radiation phone.
e) Does not use mobile with wet hands because both water and metal are good conductors of radio waves.


Yes, friends, how do you feel about today's post today we told you what the SAR value is and how to check the SAR value you have understood and have liked it because today we tell you the correct and updated information in a simple language That is useful for you.

We hope you will find answers to many of your questions here today if you still have some questions in your mind, then you can also ask us by commenting in the Comment Box, our team will try to help you.

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