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Why Mobile Phone batteries Explode and How to Prevent it

Why Mobile Phone batteries Explode and How to Prevent it 

Hello friends! Welcome to Technical Kanu. Today we are going to tell you why mobile phone batteries explode and how to prevent It.

Why do mobile phone blast, why blasts in the smartphone, why smartphone batteries explode, the burst of mobile phone battery, fire in the phone you must have heard of all of this? But do you know the reason for mobile bursts? If not, then no matter in this post, we are telling you about the implications of mobile phone batteries exploding, causes and solutions. Let's know why mobile phone batteries explode and how to Prevent It.


Many times such reports are heard that the mobile was blasted or the phone's battery was set on fire. It is difficult to believe but this is true. This has happened to many people.
That is why we will tell you the reasons for the bursting of the mobile phone battery, along with the ways to avoid it. So that you can save yourself and others with such an accident.
In order to avoid such incidents, the mobile user has to keep some precautions, about which we are telling you here.

Why mobile phone batteries Explode - 5 Reasons

The biggest reason for the occurrence of mobile eruptions is that our carelessness, our negligence, all these incidents happen. If we were smart, then it would never happen to us.

This is the five reasons that caused the mobile phone bursts, mobile fire incidents.

1. Mobile overcharging

Charging the battery of the mobile overhead is the biggest reason for batteries exploding. When the battery is charged more than needed, the cathode reaches the lithium ion as much as possible on the anode.

Scientist Dan Stengart says that the mobile battery can be understood by the example of rubber. The way the rubber breaks due to excessive pulling, the battery is exploding due to charging more.

2. Fast charging

For the past few years, mobile companies are providing fast charging chargers for their smartphones. More energy is stored in this battery in less time.

As long as you charge the same company with that charger, the problem is no. But when you charge the other mobile from the charger (which does not support fast charging) then the chances of mobile exploding increases.

3. Using Smart Window

Frequently we use smart windows in our smartphones so that we can make our phone function even easier, but with ease, this function also puts pressure on our phone's battery.

4. Use the phone at the time of charging

Some mobile companies say that there is no problem using the phone during charging of the user. But this is not always the case of most mobile bursts, it has happened only on mobile charging.

Actually, when you use mobile charging, the mobile and its battery are both hot. Because of the warming of both together, this heat turns into a heat blast.

Remember the mobile phone battery bursts are the highest when charging. So when you charge your mobile, avoid using it.

5. Using bad batteries

Once the battery is damaged, we often start using fake Chinese batteries or local batteries to save money, which gets hot when charging and problems like a blast. These batteries have any type of fault in the charging circuit and input power, even when the battery can be hot and cracked.

How to Avoid Mobile Phone Battery Blasting

If we take certain precautions, you can avoid the battery of your phone. Here are some tips I'm telling you to follow them.

1)      Charge the battery directly from the original charger.

2)      Do not use the phone during charging.

3)      Do not keep the phone in the sun for too long.

4)      Do not charge the phone's battery excessively.

      5)      Do not use apps that make the phone warm.


So, friends, how to do you feel today about my post? Today I told you " why mobile phone batteries explode and how to Prevent It". I Hope you have understood it.

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