Hello friends! Welcome to Technical Kanu. Today we are going to tell you how to write upside down Text on Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media?

If you also want to have fun with your friends, then you can send them by writing upside down text on any of your social media sites. When your friend sees your message, once he/she will also think about how you would have written the upside down text. It may also be that from a friend you also have received such a message that after seeing, you will also want to know how to do the reverse type. So the method is easy enough for you to use an online site or an app.


Reverse message or post seems quite enjoyable because mobile has to be reversed to read it. If you also want to type upside down text in your social media site, you will need to get help from a third party site or app.

As far talk about like Facebook and WhatsApp, yet there is no such feature in the messenger so you can reverse it, but there are many sites and apps on the internet that help you to reverse any the message, which app and site Let's know.

How to Write Upside Down Text on Facebook WhatsApp 

For this, first of all, you have to go to a website called typeupsidedown.com. With the help of this website, you can type in any message or post reverse. So how to use this website.


1. Open the browser on your mobile phone first. Here you have to search by typeupsidedown.com.

2. In the result you will see many websites, you have to click on the name of this site. When this website opens, its homepage will look like the image shown above.

3. Here you will see two option boxes, first in which you will have to type your message, in the second box below it will automatically type in the automatic message. By copying this message you can send it in any social media site and send back the message.

How to Write Upside Down Text on Facebook WhatsApp with the help of App

If you need to type repeatedly upside down text. So you can install an app on your mobile phone for this. The name of this app Fliptext. Which you will easily find in the Play store.

How to Write Upside Down Text on Facebook WhatsApp with the help of App

1. When you open this app, its homepage will look like the image shown above, in this also two boxes will appear like the website.

2. In the box at the bottom left you will have to type your message, the reverse message will be typed. Under these, you will get a copy and share option. By copying it, you can send it by posting it to a social media site.

3. Clicking on the share option will show the option of a social site like Facebook and WhatsApp where you can share your inverted text on Direct In Site. This is a great app from the website.


So, friends, how do you feel today about my post? Today I told you "how to write upside down Text on Facebook, WhatsApp ". I Hope you have understood it and hope you know now that how to write upside down text on WhatsApp or Facebook, you have been told both ways of website and app. You can use any one according to your convenience, if you see it, it can be useful to install the app because in it you can write text in reverse

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