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How to Activate Do Not Disturb (DND)

How to activate DND service? What is the DND service? What is the full form of DND? Here you will get complete information about DND service...

It gets really annoying when you are busy in a meeting for driving or engaged in some other work when your mobile phone starts ringing and when you pick up you are showered with credit card offers, insurance policies and whatnot.

Such calls and messages do not contain special service related information, due to which such calls or messages are not useful and it seems right to close them. To avoid these, DND is used. The meaning of DND is 'Do Not Disturb'. This service was started by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which is to be believed by all telecom companies in India.

Using this service, the customer can prevent uninterrupted phone calls and SMS from coming to his phone by telecom companies. If a customer registers their mobile number under DND, then any unsolicited SMS or call from his phone will not come from the company.

How to activate DND by SMS and call

Different telecom companies operating in India like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio etc. are using DND in the same way.

As per TRAI, consumers can register their telephone number or their mobile number for inclusion in the NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) for simply dialling 1909. Below is a description of the special code and process for this.

If you do not want any kind of marketing message or call in your phone, then send 'START 0' to your mobile for this to 1909. DND service will be activated on your phone, and any sort of alerts will not come in your phone. The benefits of this facility can also be partially lifted. This implies that if you want alerts for the bank but do not want education, etc, then the same number can be sent with a different code. Read an essay on mobile here. See below for special instructions:

1) If you only have to close the alerts related to banking, insurer or credit card financial products, then write 'START 1' from your phone and send it to 1909.

2) To stop alerts related to real estate, write 'START 2' and send it to 1909.

3) If you want to block the alerts of education-related promotions, send 'START 3' to your mobile phone and send it to 1909.

4) If you want to turn off health-related alerts only then type 'START 4' from your mobile and send it to 1909.

5) If the consumer wants to close the automobile and related promotional alerts, then by typing 'START 5' from his mobile phone, he can send it to 1909.

 Only communication - Broadcasting and IT entertainment is to be closed, then the customer will write 'START 6' from his mobile phone and send it to 1909.

 If tourism is troubled by alerts and just want to close it, then type 'START 7' from your mobile phone and send it to 1909.

In this way, mobile subscribers can send DND from their mobile phones in the telecom services they are using. After sending the DND on the selected subject, the customer does not receive any kind of SMS or call related to the subject.

Remindable things after sending DND (DND notes)

1) Sending DND does not stop the customer's bank account alerts coming. Also, online booking or other third party call SMS are not closed.

2) With the application of DND, DND is not applicable, after sending the SMS, it can take up to seven days.

3) Two DVDs cannot be sent simultaneously. Any DND can be sent again after 3 months of sending a DND.

4) SMS or calls to be sent to 1909 are completely free toll-free. Therefore, there is no money to start DND.

5) In addition to SMS, the application for DND can also be made through a call on 1909.

Therefore it is necessary to keep these things in mind before making DND. After getting DND, you will be free from unnecessary calls, and you will get the most of the time only and only the phones of your own people. If you are troubled by unsolicited Phone Calls and SSM while coming to your mobile number then turn it off today by sending DND to the above code from your phone.

How to deactivate DND

If you want to deactivate the DND and get the Alerts service back then follow the instructions given below,

 How to deactivate DND with the help of SMS
You can start DND again by sending an SMS from your DND mobile number. For this, please write 'STOP' from your mobile phone and send it to 1909. As soon as these SMSes are received, the customer care service of the telecom company being used by your voice will deactivate the DND service. Read How To Mobile Number Portability here.

How to deactivate DND with the help of SMS

You can also deactivate DND on your phone by calling. For this, you have to call 1909. By calling this number, you can do this either with the help of IVR or with the help of a call. If you choose to talk to customer care, ask the call-taking representative to stop the service. The representative will deactivate this service on your application and will confirm by sending an SMS to your number. If you want to deactivate the service with the help of IVR, call on 1909 and follow the voice instructions.

How to check DND status with the help of call

You can easily check the status of the DND turned on your mobile number. For this, you can call this to your customer care by calling 1909 and conducting the work by visiting a formal website of your telecom company and also checking the status. Follow the following instructions for this:

1) Visit the formal website of your telecom service. There it will be available in DND facility.

2) Apart from this, there are many better websites, which can be used to check the status of their DND, such as

These websites can easily be checked by entering their mobile number. In this way, you can activate or deactivate the DND service whenever you want at your landline or mobile number.
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