How to Appear Offline on Facebook 2019

More than 20 million users are online every day on social media networking site Facebook. Messages from friends begin to come online on your facebook. The only way to get rid of this disturbing is to appear offline status even when you are active on Facebook. In this post, I am telling you simple tips to appear offline even when you are online on Facebook.


By logging in through mobile apps or web browser, your friends watch you online and send you messages. If you are having trouble with a friend's chat, you can still appear your friends offline while you are online.
You can not even see anyone online and also use Facebook on the trick described in this post. So let's know how to appear offline on Facebook.

Being active on Facebook, how to appear offline?

For this, you do not have to do anything special, its official feature on Facebook is unavailable. Here I am telling you to appear offline status on Facebook in both computer and mobile.

How to appear offline on Facebook on the desktop?

Desktop, Laptop User must first open the Internet browser on your PC and log in to Facebook.
1. After logging into Facebook, go to chat option.
2. Now click on the Settings icon and select Turn Off Active Status and OK.

How to appear offline on Facebook on the desktop

After doing this you will become offline for all your contact list. If you just want to be offline for some people, select from the top 2 option.

How to appear offline on Facebook on mobile?

Follow these steps to appear offline on facebook in the smartphone app.
1. Login to your phone by opening the Facebook app.
2. Now scroll down and click Settings & Privacy in the bottom.
3. Click here to get an Active Status option here.
4. Now click on Turn Off Active Status and OK.

How to appear offline on Facebook on mobile

 How to appear on the Facebook Messenger App?

In addition to Facebook, you can also disable your active status in the Facebook Messenger app. For this, open the FB messenger app and log in to it.

1. After this, you can go to Settings and disable Active Status.


 If you want a user to not be able to message you on facebook, you can block it. In this way, you can overcome the problem of unwanted people on Facebook and use Facebook without any disturbance.

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