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Top 10 Countries for the Cheapest Internet in the World

Do you know which country is the cheapest internet in the world and in which country is the most expensive internet data available? If not, after reading this post, you will know this. Because in this post we are telling you about the top 10 countries in the world that provide the cheapest internet connection in the world.


Here we will talk about the top 10 countries for the cheapest internet in the world and the most expensive internet data providing country in the world. The countries included in this list can surprise you.

The world of internet data is changing rapidly. Especially in India, where Jio has arrived and it has completely changed the Indian Internet Service Market.

Today, due to the Jio, the most Internet is used in India. There is currently a 62 million internet connection in IndiaIndia is the world's cheapest internet provider.

Let's see which country is the cheapest internet in the world and expensive in the world and what does our country India come to this list?

Top 10 countries for the cheapest Internet in the world

We Indian use the cheapest internet data in the world and our country India comes to number 1 in this list of countries giving the cheapest internet in the world. Countries offering the cheapest internet data.

# 1 India

In India, we did not have the internet cheap earlier. Airtel, Idea, Vodafone's internet data plan was very expensive and we got about 1GB per month of data in about 155.

But after the arrival of Reliance Jio, everything changed and the rest of the telecom companies were forced to make their plans cheap. It was necessary for them to remain in existence.

Thanks to Reliance Jio, we can use around 1.5GB 4G data every day till 149 rupees a month. That is, if the price of 1GB data, then 1 GB data of only rupees 4 is found in India.

In India, the estimated cost of internet data is $ 0.26 and the cheap price is $ 0.02 per 1GB.

 # 2 Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan comes in number two on this list. Where the value of mobile internet data is $ 0.27, in India it is $ 0.26. Kyrgyzstan is healthy and openly welcome foreign investment in the mobile sector.

The cheapest plan for data in Kyrgyzstan is $ 0.08 / GB.

# 3 Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan comes third in this list where mobile data costs $ 0.47. Kazakhstan provides the most advanced internet in its global field.

In which 4G Network covers its most populated areas. Here the cheapest price of data is $ 0.28.

# 4 Ukraine

In Ukraine, 3 mobile internet data providers, LifeCell, Vodafone Ukraine, and Kyivstar are fighting among themselves. Due to this, mobile data in this country has been cheaper.

The estimated cost of mobile data in Ukraine is $ 0.51 and the cheapest plan is $ 0.21 per 1GB.

# 5 Rwanda

The fifth number comes in Rwanda country In which the average price of mobile internet data is $ 0.56. If talking about the cheapest price, then it is 1GB of data at $ 0.04.

# 6 Sudan

Sudan comes in number six on this list. The average price of mobile data is $ 0.68 per GB and the cheapest price is $ 0.29.

# 7 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka comes at number seven in this list. Where the value of internet service is $ 0.78 per 1GB and the cheapest price and 1 GB is approximately $ 0.22.

# 8 Mongolia

Mongolia arrives at number 8 in countries providing the cheapest data in the world. Where the average value of mobile internet data is $ 0.82 per 1GB and world cheapest price is $ 0.41.

# 9 Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) arrives at number 9 in this list. The price of 1GB of mobile internet in Myanmar is $ 0.87. Speaking of the cheapest plan, its value is $ 0.65.

# 10 DR Congo

This list comes on the tenth number in the African country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the price here is $ 0.88. If you talk about the cheapest plan, then its value is $ 0.05.

The UK comes in at 136th, where the value of mobile data is $ 6.66 per GB and the US comes in the list at 182th, where the value of mobile data is USD 12.27.

While most of these Zimbabwe is the most expensive country for internet data, where a gigabyte costs $ 75.20, which is 289 times more expensive than India.


This is the top 10 countries for the cheapest internet in the world that provide the cheapest internet data in the world. India is included in the Top 1 and Zimbabwe provides the world's most expensive internet data.

As I said above, this the list will surprise you, it will happen as it does not include the USARussiaJapan, the world's top country.

Actually, we have talked about the world's cheapest mobile data countries, not the best and fastest internet.

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