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What are the QWERTY keyboard and its Full Definition.


QWERTY is the standard keyboard of English, and QWERTY is named after Q-W-E-R-T-Y, the first 6 letters of the top line of the keyboard...

If you have a PC then you will know about the computer keyboard, because you must have used it for typing. But few people know about the QWERTY keyboard. That's why today I will tell you about the QWERTY keyboard.

What is the keyboard? You will know about all this. But do you know about the QWERTY keyboard and its full definition If not, then after reading this post you will know?

Understanding keyboard layouts are not easy for computer learning students. For this, he needs to know and understand every key and use of it well.

Well, there are many types of computer keyboards but here we will talk about the QWERTY keyboard.

What is the QWERTY Keyboard?

QWERTY is the standard keyboard of English. It's Qwerty name lies on the name of Q-W-E-R-T-Y, the first 6 characters of the top row of the keyboard.

It was used on the first typewriter, later it was also adopted on the computer. QWERTY design is based on the layout created for Sholes and Glidden typewriter.

It was sold to E. Remington and Sons in 1873. This became popular with the success of Remington No. 2 in 1878. Since then, it has remained in widespread use.

Simply put, this computer is a type of keyboard layout. There are many types of keyboard layouts.

This is a desirable feature in keyboard design to make hands optional when typing. This makes it easier to type fast, you can quickly type typing with both hands.

Initially, there were very few functions in it but according to the time, the keys buttons were added to it gradually. This is the most used in the present time.

Types of Keyboard Layout

Apart from QWERTY, there are also many different types of keyboard layouts. They are manufactured according to language and region.

The keyboard layout is divided into QWERTY and non-QWERTY two types.

QWERTY-based Latin-script keyboard layouts:

  • QÜERTY (Azeri)
  • ÄWERTY (Turkmen)
  • ĄŽERTY (Lithuanian)
  • Sámi Extended

Non-QWERTY-based Latin-script keyboard layouts:

  • Dvorak
  • Colemak
  • Workman
  • Other English layouts
  • Sholes 2nd Layout
  • JCUKEN (Latin)
  • Neo
  • BÉPO
  • Turkish (F-keyboard)
  • Malt
  • Modified Blickensderfer
  • Chorded keyboard and mobile devices
  • Other original layouts and layout design software


Now you know that the keyboard layouts are different. For more information on this, you can see Wikipedia's Keyboard Layout Types post.

But if we talk about the most popular computer keyboard layout then it is QWERTY. For example, you can see the keyboard of your computer or laptop.
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