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Top 20 Useful Mobile Apps by Government of India 2019

Useful Mobile Apps by Government of India
To make India a digital and in line with the vision of "Digital India", the Indian Government has created these useful mobile apps for citizens...

The Indian Government is constantly promoting Digital India. Seeing the growing number of Indians on the Internet, the Indian Government has created many useful mobile apps. In this post, we will tell you about the top 20 useful mobile apps by Government of India.

In order to make India a digital and in line with the vision of India's "Digital India", the Indian Government has created these useful mobiles apps for Indian citizens.

Many schemes were launched under the Digital India campaign and many different websites and apps were also launched. Thereby facilitating people to get Government work.

With the help of these top 20 useful mobile apps by Government of India, you can easily do many of your work at sitting home.

All the apps given here have done great work for the Indians and also is beneficial. Below we have to tell the details of these apps and talking about their usage.

Top 20 Useful Mobile Apps by Government of India

Some of these apps are meant to improve the lives of Indian nationals and some apps are meant to help their country. Top 20 useful mobile apps by Government of India

1. BHIM App

This app is designed to make India cashless. With this app, we can transfer money. There is a better Android app for online transactions.

With this app, you can make payments to any person or company from anywhere, by adding your bank account. The app is run by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India).

Bhim app works on the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system. With this app, you can scan QR code like PayTM and pay directly from your Bank Account to the Shopping Mall.

2. Bharat Ke Veer

With this app, you can help the families of the martyred soldiers for the country. India's Vir Names website is also available with the Veer App of India.

In this app, you will get full information about the names of the martyrs, photos. You can donate according to your own.

3. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

This app is for keeping your city, your village and surrounding areas clean. Through this app, you can post by clicking on the picture, which is sent to the municipality.

It has been penalized for all urban local bodies. It tells you exactly where to complain. You can also give feedback on the outcome of the complaint.

4. UMANG App

UMANG's Full Form is Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance. With this app, you can do more than100 work related to the centre, state and city administration from your mobile phone sitting at home.

This app helps simplify the tasks related to the centre, State Governments and all the departments working under the Municipal Corporation. You can also withdraw money from your PF account through APMC.

5. mPassport Seva

Through this app, the smartphone user receives all the information related to the passport. Such as Application Status Tracking, Passport Service, Center Location, etc.

It has been developed by the Ministry of Foreign. People who want to create their new passport can download it on their mobile. This is the largest project of the Government of India listed in the National e-Governance Plan.

The mAADHAAR app of UIDAI is also available. Through this app, you can carry your Aadhaar card in your mobile.

The mAdhar app user can share his eKYC information with any service provider and also block his biometric data if needed.

7. MyGov

This app works as a platform for participation in Government for Indian citizens. Users can give their opinions and comments.

This app launched by the Government of India provides an opportunity for union ministries and related Government organizations to bring people ideas, comments and creative suggestions.

8. cVigil

This app has been prepared by the Indian Election Commission. With the help of this app, you can complain about any kind of disturbances in the elections.

Actually, this app has been prepared for the common man. So that ordinary citizens can also complain of a violation of the code of conduct by a political party from the Election Commission.

These apps are for entrepreneurs and businesses. It is used to know about the currently applied GST rates.

This app is developed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. You can use it to take care of your career startup and small businesses.

10. Kavach

This is for ordinary people who are upset about the security of their Android phone and are looking for a good antivirus app. This app is for the security of the phone.

The work of this app is to solve the dangers related to the phone. With the help of this official app, you can save your phone from Malware, Virus and Spam SMS and Call.

11. Startup India

Designed for the Entrepreneurship as a career for the Indians, especially the youth by the Government of India. Is an initiative to help young people in the early years of startup.

These apps can link you with the right leadership, conservation, incubator or investor as well as other entrepreneurs. This app is for making India self-reliant and generating employment.

12. NationalScholarship Portal

If you are a student and looking for a scholarship then the National Scholarship Portal app is for you.

This app provides information about various types of scholarships from time to time. This mobile app is helpful for all students.

13. OnlineRTI

Online RTI - Right to Information Act is the lending unit. The RTI Act is applicable to all the states and 7 Union Territories.

Use of RTI app, any Government scheme, details of the funds allocated for any Government project and its use, MPs in your area, MLA fund utilization, how much money was allocated to fix roads in your area, any Government rules can get information about the process.

14. MySpeed ​​(TRAI)

This application allows you to measure your data speed experience and send results to TRAI. For this, it uses javascript.

All the hymns are anonymously reported. This application also gives the TRAI details of your data experience. It is used to measure network speed.

15. mParivahan

This app is a mobile-based application providing Transport Service access to Indian citizens.

It provides immediate access to Indian citizens for various information, services and utilities related to the transport sector. You can see the details of all the information on the Transport Department.

Farmer's facility is a ubiquitous mobile app developed to help farmers by providing relevant information quickly.

With the help of this app, farmers can get information about the next 5 days of weather. These apps also provide information about market value, farm advice, protection of plants.

17. Postinfo

As its name suggests, this app is for post information. Anyone can easily recover donate from this application.

To run with the duration and promote business, India post made this app 2 years ago. It also provides the service to track containers with the search of post offices.

18. Aaykar Setu

This app provides links to various services of the Income Tax Department through a single window. With this, you can find your nearest TRP in just one click.

These apps provide a quick calculation like TPS office detection, HRA, taxpayer live chat, online pan application, text knowledge service.

19. Incredible India

Incredible India App is an innovative project to help international and domestic tourists to display the Ministry of Tourism as the overall destination of India.

In which tourists exhibit India as an overall destination, revolving around a major experience like spirituality, heritage, adventure, culture, yoga, welfare.

This mobile app has been designed keeping in mind the modern traveller's preferences. These apps assist them in each phase of their journey in India.

20. Indian Police at Your Call

This is to assist the Indian nationals who dynamically provides details of all the police stations near the place of the citizen.

This helps you get help from the police. With this app, the user can SMS or call the police in dire circumstances.

In addition to this, the Government of India has created many more mobile apps and websites. Includes ePathshaala, Digi Sevak, IRCTC Apps.

These are all free mobile applications created by the Indian Government, which you can download from the Google Play Store for free.


These were the top 20 useful mobile apps by Government of India. All applications are very helpful. You must use them.
I would advise you to use the heroic app of India. If you want to help the family of India's heroic sons, then definitely help from India's heroic app or website.

This app can prove to be helpful for many of us. So share them with social media on Facebook, Twitter, and everyone.

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