The 10 best ways to secure your Android phone

The 10 Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

How to secure your android phone? It is very important that your android phone is safe for a number of reasons, you can keep your required data in your phone and if your mobile is lost or stolen, then your data will also be lost or it may be that your required information is viewed by you. Internet pages can be hacked or from your phone but here I am telling you the 10 best ways to secure your Android phone from which you can secure your Android phone and its data can keep up safe.


The Android phone has become integral and omnipresent in everyone's life and attracts hackers and hackers are ready to grab the information you need. Perhaps you have heard and read a lot about hackers, and you may also know how to secure your android phone or computer from them.

But most people do not care much about the security of their Android phones, their phones are not safe, so in this post, I am telling the 10 best ways to secure your Android phone from hackers, so you can also secure your android phone.

Your Android phone is more valuable than your purse, your closet keys and in some cases and sensitive information about your actual computer, so there are The 10 best ways to secure your Android phone.

Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

To protect the privacy of your data and to keep your Android phone safe from hackers, keep these 10 things in mind.

1. Protect Your Android Phone with a Password

The password is the best way to protect the android phone but most people ignore it. Whether you have Android or other smartphones, you can keep your Android phone or other smartphones safe by adding a passcode or by putting a pattern lock on it and this can prevent you from accessing your information to others.

2. Install a security software

The Android phone is a computing device that should be protected accordingly when you change the settings of a device, then help with such mobile security app that includes malware prevention, remote data wipe, app privacy review and automatic security advisor so that you can keep your device safe.

3. Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi Connection

One of the great things in today's Android phones is that they have the ability to connect to the internet in a number of ways when your Wi-Fi is turned on, then your device automatically connects to the Wi-Fi-network that you did earlier. If Wi-Fi is turned on automatically in your device, then shutting it off will threatens your android phone.

4. Be careful with the application that you install

Google recently installed 50,000 apps that could have been malware or feared and there is no dearth of viruses, malware or other software with software to steal your data or harm your android phone, so whenever your If you want to install an app in the phone, check it well so that it is not harmful to your phone.

5. Encrypt Your Android Phone

Perhaps you have secured a password by putting a password on your Android phone but a thief can still be able to plug your mobile into a computer and access all your information so you can save your data using encryption on your android phone.

6. Ensure your Android Phone locks itself

If you install password protection on your android phone but after 15 minutes it unlocks, then your device is not much safe. Most Android phones allow you to lock themselves after the inactivity time, make sure that you at least Choose timeout which is comfortable with you, as between 10 to 30 better than 2 to 5 minutes, even if you feel uncomfortable.

7. Turn off Bluetooth and NFC

In the case of Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, the first is to use accessories like the headset and wireless keyboard, but hackers have a door to access your phone so either keep them closed or whenever possible "No Searchable" Keep in moderation as well as accept requests from unknown devices.

8. Avoid Unaware and Unwanted Links

Be careful while clicking on an unknown and unwanted link. A text message can force you to click on a random link or ask for the information you need. Even while answering unknown SMS or email senders, you may be interested in hackers. Therefore, be careful when clicking any site or link.

9. Keep a Backup of Your Data

If you do not have any backups of your data and suddenly your android phone is stolen or lost, then you will lose all of your data to keep your data back in advance, there are many tools that allow you to re-save your data on your new android phone. You can get back up to keep the backup so that your data is still available to you even if the android phone is lost or stolen.

10. Use SIM card lock

Screen lock is helpful but cannot stop someone from removing SIM cards from your android phone and using it on another phone. To prevent this from happening, add a SIM card lock as a PIN number, which will need to be entered on the phone to connect to a network.

I hope you can keep your Android phone secure by following the tips mentioned in this post and save your essential information from hackers.

If you find these 10 best ways to secure your Android phone in this post, or if you know any other way to keep your Android phone secure then tell it in the comment.
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