What is Electronic Voting Machine?

What is Electronic Voting Machine
Electronic Voting Machine

In this article, I will explain the voting machines and related things in detail. So that all of you can also know about the electronic voting machine...

You must have heard about the electronic voting machine and if you are 18 years old then you would have used it to cast your vote. But do you know what is the electronic voting machine? If you do not know then in this article you will get full information about Electronic Voting Machine. Here I am just talking about electronic voting machines. What is the electronic voting machine and How it Work?

Several Political Parties have raised questions about the safety of the electronic voting machine. Because of that, there is much news about the electronic voting machine in the daily newspaper.

For this reason, everyone wants to know about the electronic voting machine. In this article, I will explain the voting machines and related things in detail. So that all of you can also know about the electronic voting machine. Election Commission has used new and advanced electronic voting machines in the 2019 Election. I will talk about all the topics of the electronic voting machine.

So let us know what is the electronic voting machine and how does it work?

What is the Electronic Voting Machine?

In India, this machine is being used to pave the way for electronic voting in general elections, state assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections in 1999.

The first election used to be from the ballot paper, but now the electronic voting machine has replaced the ballot paper all over India.
The electronic voting machine consists of 2 Units, one Control Unit and the other is the Balloting Unit.

Both of these units are connected to each other with a five-meter cable. Control unit controls ballot units and ballot units provide the voting facility to voters.

The control unit uses the voting officer while the balloting unit uses the voter. The voter can not vote until the voting officer presses the button of the control unit.

After voting from the ballot unit, the machines themselves lock themselves up. After that, it does not work by pressing any button. It will work again only after pressing the control unit button of the voting officer.

How does the electronic voting machine work?

The electronic voting machine provides a separate button for each candidate. Voters can vote by clicking on their favourite candidate and party button.

The electronic voting machine works as follows:

1. First of all, the voter suppresses his candidate's button.

2. Peeeee's sound comes when pressing the voter's button, which means that the vote has done.

3. Next, on the VVPAT screen, the candidate's name and party's election symbol is printed.

This slip appears on VVPAT screen for the voter for 7 seconds, after which there is a security deposit in the machine.

In the past, only two units of electronic voting machine used Control Unit and Balloting Unit, but since the question of electronic voting machine Security was being questioned, the Election Commission has been using VVPAT.

VVPAT means voter-verified paper unit trail which shows which candidate your vote has been to. It shows the slip-on screen for 7 seconds, which makes the voter clear who have voted him.

After voter's vote, on VVPat machine, the candidate's name and his party's election symbol print on the slip. This slip appears on the VVPat screen for 7 seconds of the voter. After that, there is a safe deposit in the machine.

How to use an electronic voting machine?

How to vote from the electronic voting machine? It is very easy to vote with an electronic voting machine. On the left side of the machine, the names of all the candidates and their party's election symbol are printed.

Each candidate has a red light and a blue button in the Balloting Unit. Follow the steps below to vote.

1. First of all, see the name of your favourite candidate in the electronic voting machine.

2. Then press the blue button next to its name.

3. The red light will light up as soon as you press your buttons and the sound like a long Peeeee will come out.

4. This means your vote has done to your favourite candidate.

The machine becomes folk when you vote. Now again if an electronic voting machine presses the machine button again, the machine will not record it.

How many units are there in the electronic voting machine?

Electronic voting machine structure and technique: As I have already mentioned, the electronic voting machine has two units. A control unit and the second balloting unit.

The control unit is for voting officer and balloting unit to vote for the voter. But now the Election Commission of India is also using the VVPAT machine.

Whose job is to show the voter whether he has voted for the candidate he has voted or not. This makes the voter clear whether his vote has been correct or not.

You can press the ballot unit button once. After that, the machine will not work until the voter officer control unit's button will be pressed.

This means that a voter can only put one vote. There have not been any one of the questions that have been raised about the security of EVM to date.

Benefits of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

The EVM machine has rather many advantages, which are as follows.

1. The initial cost of the EVM is a bit higher, but if you think long term then the money is saved.

2. The cost of crores rupees in production and printing of ballot paper can be reduced.

3. For every national election, nearly 10,000 tonnes of ballot papers are saved.

4. Using it, many trees can be stopped from bites, which were used to make ballot paper.

5. EVMs are easier to transport than ballot boxes. Because they are more lightweight and portable.

6. The EVM is used in the battery so it can be used anywhere.

7. EVM Votes Counting is very easy and fast.

8. EVM is far better than ballet paper for illiterate people.

9 There is less chance of a hack to help manipulation and theft.

10. Bogus voting is very low because the vote can be put only once.

Does the EVM machine has a Delete option?

Of course not, the machine is locked after voter's vote is cast. After that, you can not delete or edit your vote again. You will not get a second chance.

EVM is completely secure and you can not make any changes in it. A person can only vote once. After pressing the button, there will be nothing by pressing the button a thousand times.

When and where did the EVM machine first be used?

The EVM machine was first used in 1998. Then the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi were issued by EVM machine.

After the successful use of the phase in the first phase, the EVM machine was also used in Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections.

Since then, the Election Commission of India has used electronic voting machines in every election. Some older machines are still being used but VVPAT can be connected only by new machines. Therefore, in future elections, new EVM machines will be used.

How many candidates can be named in the electronic voting machine?

There is a total of 16 buttons in the electronic voting machine. That is, names of only 16 candidates can be added in one unit. When the number of candidates is high, the Election Commission joins another balloting unit with the electronic voting machine.

By now, elections have been made by adding maximum 4 batting units together. This means that the maximum of 64 candidates can participate in the election.

An electronic voting machine can record a maximum of 3840 votes. Therefore, the Voter List is prepared based on electronic voting machine capacity and for 1000 EVDs, only 1500 are taken.

In what countries is the export of electronic voting machine manufactured by India?

The voting machine is used not only in India but also abroad. India exports electronic voting machines to not one but in many countries.

It includes many countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Kenya, Fiji, and Namibia. 1700 Control Units and 3500 Balloting Units made from India were imported by Namibia for the Presidential election held in 2014.

Apart from these, many Asian and African countries are showing interest in buying Indian Electronic Voting Machines.


In this post, I have told you what is EVMs, how EVM works, benefits of EVM a machine, how many units are available in EVM and about VVPAT.

Hope you liked this post with our "Electronic Voting Machine". You have got complete information on electronic voting machines (EVM).
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