What is Parasitic Charging

What is Parasitic Charging and why You Should Avoid it

Mobile has become an essential part of them for people like them, while sleeping, the mobile also uses the phone at the time of eating, to tell the truth, I am also nothing short. Today, 79 percent of the world's population spend their time with smartphones, so long as some people are still engaged in their phones even when they are charging their mobile, you do not know, but when we even phone charging If you use it then there is a bad effect on the phone which is called parasitic charging. In this post, I am going to tell you what is parasitic charging and why you should avoid it.


The smartphone is the only thing that everyone sees as dreaming to touch their finger on the screen. Every day growing a new smartphone user, some people take a new phone and then rubbing them against the necessity, due to which their new phone also starts running with the old.

So do your mobile parasitic charging. So understand that your mobile has to charge the parasite. If you do not know about it, then let's know what is a parasitic charging.

What is Parasitic Charging?

In fact, when you use your mobile during charging it is called parasite charging. Often people insist on their brains that their device has been charged for a long time but still not fully charged. If you have such a thing then you also do parasitic charging.

Talking to your phone in the mean charge and keep on the message to Facebook Twitter is called parasitic charging. This can cause many problems in your device.

Why you should avoid Parasitic Charging?

When you are charging and using you're mobile you have a bad effect on the phone's battery so that the battery of your mobile becomes weak and due to this there is no full charge.

Mobile Expert says that if you want to use a mobile for a long time, do not use the phone in the charging without much need, avoid parasite charging as soon as possible.

If you have come to know what is parasitic charging and why it should be avoided, then let's know what has bad effects on your mobile.

What is the harm to mobile from Parasitic Charging?

1)     Parasitic charging will warm your mobile
2)     Even after charging for hours, full charge and the slow charge will not be a charge but slow charge.
3)     Your mobile may start hanging
4)     Your mobile battery will be full
5)     5 Your phone's battery will not run for a long time.

If all this is on your mobile, then understand that you also do Parasitic Charging but now you have to know that does not do make this mistake further than now and if you have a friend or brother, then also prevent him from using mobile during charging.


I hope you now know about parasitic charging well and will not be charging the parasitic mobile to the next and that's right, because of this you can save your mobile from getting worse.
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