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5 Facts of Cellular Network: Everything You need to know

Understand these 5 Facts associated with cellular networks, and never will complain with mobile network providers.

There are some misunderstandings in the mind of every user regarding the network, which have no true connection. Let's remove those misconceptions.

Taking advantage of social media or instant messenger in this era of technology, we are sharing our every joy and every small moment associated with it with the people. In this way, with a click of mobile, we can stay in touch with our close friends in any corner of the world. Today all these things are possible only if we have a great network available. However, there is some misunderstanding in every user's mind about the network, which has no true connection. Let's remove those misconceptions.

1. Myth - Having no mobile network means that the network provider is not good

Fact - It is not right to believe that. The network tower in your area gives the network in the entire area. In spite of this, even if you have trouble finding the network in some places of your area, it is because this is because other devices and buildings in those places are interrupting the network and the mobile signal is up to your phone properly. Can not reach. So it would be wrong to say that the absence of a mobile network means the network provider is not good.

2. Myth-A much better network

Fact - The phone is disconnected during the call or buffering on the Internet - In this way, our eyes first go to the mobile phone's network bar because we assume that more network times, ie better networks, while so much Is not there. The network bar on your phone more often shows when your phone is near the tower. Bars are automatically reduced by distance from the tower. For this reason, do not understand that you are getting a very good signal due to more bars. It is important that your mobile network gives you a strong network, which provides fast network speed and non-interruption calling. Like Airtel 4G, which is known for the fastest 4G internet speed in India, you can connect with such networks.

3. Myth - Wi-Fi is a better option than your mobile network

Fact - There is a big difference between a mobile network and Wi-Fi. For example, coverage of Wi-Fi is limited to area, office or mall, while the coverage area of ​​a cellular network is very large and it is capable of delivering better signals anywhere and at any time. The biggest advantage of this is during travel, where you can get calling, live streaming and surfing the internet with strong network coverage such as Airtel 4G. Wi-Fi is not capable of offering such a facility, so it is not a better option than the mobile network.

4. Myth - Mobile Network Boosters Make Your Signals

Facts - These days, half-incomplete information is being put in front of the customers to increase the number of network boosters in the market. In this case, it is important to know that the network booster does not make its own signal, which is a common assumption, rather its work is to increase the available signal. Apart from this, it works only in a limited scope, where it is installed. In this case, you should choose a network service provider who can work better inside the home. Such as Airtel, which have come with L900 technology in many states, will improve indoor coverage. With the help of this technology, we will find a great mobile network at home, office or mall.

5. Myth - By applying boosters does not affect your mobile network's quality in the area.

Facts - The reality of network boosters comes from the orders of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), where they asked all e-commerce websites to ban the sale of boosters. He said that wireless telegraphy is used in such devices, which are also illegal and the quality of the existing mobile network is also poor.
Because of these misconceptions related to the network, many times users can not take advantage of the right service. Therefore, they should not believe in such misconceptions, rather instead there should be a network that can be strong and dependable and overcome their problems.

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