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5 Most Dangerous Emails You can Get, Never Click on it in 2019


Do not forget to click on such e-mail otherwise, you will regret life...

There are various types of mail on the day-to-day e-mail id. Many of these e-mails are of work, while most e-mails are deceitful and promotional. Due to e-mail, millions of people have already been licked. Many times some e-mails are such that your system gets hacked when clicked. Let's tell you some fake e-mails today...

1. Request


In this kind of e-mail, you are requested for something. Such emails come from the names of most known NGOs, but the truth is that such emails are hardly sent by NGOs. Do not click immediately on any such email. Keep such e-mail in either inbox or delete it.

2. Account summary


Such e-mails come at the end of the month. There is a PDF attachment with such mail, which is to enter your bank account number to open. Many times such e-mails come from your bank but sometimes hackers also do such a thing, then check any e-mail related to the bank account before you open it properly and check it out properly.



Such e-mails come in the name of your friends, but your friend does not send any mail. Many people click through to see the subject of this e-mail, while this is a kind of promotional match and its purpose is to get your information. Stay away from such e-mails.

4. Lottery


E-mails sometimes come in the way that you have got a lottery in which you have won millions of rupees or the expensive watch you got in the lottery. Your gift has arrived at the airport but for the custom, you will have to pay a few bucks. Be careful with such mail. Such e-mails are sent to you for lime.

5. Credit Card


E-mails often come in the form of your credit card from the bank to your home. Fill this form for delivery, while the truth is that such e-mails also come to people who have never applied for a credit card.

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Note- Before clicking on any e-mail, please read the subject line carefully and decide whether you have done something like this or have ordered for something else? If not, then delete such e-mail.

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