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How to Find Your Lost Android Phone

How to find lost android phone

Worried about misplacing your phone or (worse yet) having it stolen? Ease your fears and set up a tracking system before your worst-case scenario strikes. This is a way to keep your contacts, lots of notes and documents together. At the same time, during the online money transactions, it has become our purse in which our confidential credentials remain. It can not be imagined to spend one day without it. In such a case, it is feared that if you lose your phone, then how much damage can you get. Your bank details may be handled by another person. The valuable photographs you have clicked with your loved ones. That loss cannot be compensated only. So do not forget to call your phone just a device and keep it in advance that if it is lost then it can be re-discovered. For smartphone devices, there are many apps that show the location of your device but before talking about it, know how to safely use your smartphone?

How to find the location of the lost phone by Google

If your Android phone is lost and you want to see its last location, then Google's Android Device Manager can help you with it, but there are some things to do. The first condition for this is that you have logged your device with your Google Account. Also, your device is connected to the Internet and that Android device manager is enabled to find your device.
By the way, this feature is external by Android phones and it stops working only if you take it off. Also, there is an option to erase data in Android Device Manager so that no one can misuse data from that phone.

This feature is by default and it has to be forgotten in phone settings. The Google Device Manager is designed by Google itself and is part of the phone's operating system, so it does not have to be downloaded separately as an app.

Recently, Google has added another feature with this manager that you can go to the search page after logging in to your laptop and type 'where is my phone' by typing in the keyword and know the location of your phone. If you are approached, you can search for the correct location by ringing your phone by clicking on the ring option after reaching the phone.

This is the thing when your phone is lost and you have a laptop available but it is not always necessary. Google Device Manager has also found a solution for this.

You can also know the location of your phone by logging in to another person's mobile; in another device, you can download the app of Android Device Manager and log into it and find the location of your phone.

Find the lost phone by android app

If your device is stolen by a smart thief then it will exit from your login and thus Google's Android Device Manager will not be of any use, so you are wondering how to locate the last location.

It's an indirect way, the Dropbox's Camera Upload feature. It is important that your phone has a downloadable Dropbox app.

It has the advantage that it seeks Yahoo's login instead of Google's login and even after log out of Google's account, your Dropbox still remains in sync with your phone's storage.

The Camera Upload feature of the Dropbox uploads photos taken from the mobile device to the Dropbox, in which case whenever a thief gets his picture from the mobile, it will come in your Dropbox and also the thief's face with your last location. Will give With the help of which you will easily reach your mobile.

Find the lost phone by IMEI Number

If your mobile is lost and you want to find it then your phone's IMEI number can help you with it.

The easiest way to find his IMEI number after losing mobile is to keep your mobile packaging box handy as it is mentioned on your mobile's IMEI number and two IMEI numbers are given for it in Dual SIM Mobile.
In fact, mobile operators use the same IMEI number of phones during the connection between the tower and the mobile.

In such a situation, you can get the position of mobile from a distance of 100 meters to km. This process is called cell tower triangulation.

But IMEI has the right to find phone location only for Indian security agencies. Your phone service provider can not provide this service for you. In such cases, if you lose the phone, you will have to file a report in the police and you will know the location of your phone with the help of the police.

Anyway, the IMEI number can be changed in the nowadays smartphones, so this is not a 100% effective way of finding the phone.

How to protect your phone data?

Before using your phone, you can go to settings and click on the security feature and set a password. It is good if the password pattern is based, but before setting the pattern, keep in mind that it is not easy and can not be easily decoded.

By downloading any good Cloud Backup app in your phone, keep taking a backup of your credential backup and contact at regular intervals so that your phone's data is readily available in case the phone is lost.

We recommend that you use reputable cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. One, it is safe with Hacking and the other has the reputation of Google and Yahoo, which make them more believable.

Google Photos or Picasa Apps can be used to back up your photos so that your device's space will also be spared and your photos and memories will also be safe if the phone is lost.

After doing these measures, you will be in a safe position even after losing your phone to a large extent. Now you will further discuss how the location of your lost phone can be ascertained so that you can easily get it back.

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Your phone is not a common device, it plays many important roles in your life due to its convenient features, so it is important that you use this device carefully and use all the essential features of its protection and keep them updated from time to time and keep changing password. This will not only make your life easier but also protects you from the often-heard online frauds.

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