How to call someone without showing own number? How to call someone with a fake number? There is a way with which you can call and message anyone without letting you know your real number...

Many times we do not want to give someone their personal mobile number due to our privacy. In this case, we have to keep a second SIM card, but there is a way with which you can call and message anyone without informing your real number. Let's know.

How to Call Someone without Showing Own Number


If you do not want your real number to go to someone else and you can phone and message, first of all, download the Text Me app from Google Play Store in your Android phone. If you have the same SIM card or the same SIM phone then it is not less than any gift for you.


After downloading this app, you will get an option in which you can enter the number that you want to tell the other. This means that here you have to enter the number that you want to appear in place of your real number. Your number will appear on the mobile phone number you will call after the registration, along with the code numbers from different countries.


Whichever you call or send after the registration, it will be from the registered number and not from your real number. In this app, you can use a number of numbers together, although you will have to pay 60 rupees per month to use more than one number.
This app also has the facility to send messages and make phone calls, but this feature is currently available only for the US and Canada. In this app, you also get the help of stickers, photos and videos. Through this you can also make chats, even without telling your real number.

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