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How to Change the Language on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome browser is a fast, secure and free web browser used to be the most used in the world. It is the world's most popular browser. You can use Chrome browser in your preferred language. In this post, I'm going to tell you how to change the language on Google Chrome.


Chrome has its own language English, but if you do not know English or you want to use Chrome in another language, in your language of choice, you can change the language of Google Chrome.

Chrome is a free internet browser that was officially released by Google on December 11, 2008, and today it has become the most used browser in the world. The reason for its popularity is that it comes with simple and quite useful features compared to other browsers.

You can use this web browser in the language of your choice. In this article, I am telling you how to change the language on Google chrome so that you can use chrome in your favorite language

How to Change Language on Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser gives the option to change the language. In this post I am telling you how to change the language on Google chrome for set your favorite language in Chrome, let's know

Step 1:
First, open Chrome browser on your computer. (You can go directly to chrome language settings by typing chrome: // settings /? Search = language in the address bar.)

After opening Chrome, click on the three vertical dot icon and click on setting.


Step 2:
After going to Settings, search the language in the search bar and click on Add Languages.


Step 3:
After clicking Add languages, select the language of your choice and click the add button below.


Step 4:

After clicking on the Add button, to set the language you selected as the default language, click the three vertical icon option in front of the language and click Display google chrome in this language.


Clicking display google chrome in this language option will show you the option of RELAUNCH, if you want to see Chrome in your chosen language, click on the rail option.

After clicking on the Relaunch option, your Google Chrome browser will restart you in the language of your choice.

In this way you can change the language on Google Chrome and you can use Chrome in your favorite language.

I hope you can change the language of the Chrome browser in the way described in this post and you can use Google Chrome in the language of your choice.

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