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How to Download the Latest Tamil Movies


Today I have come with some tricks, with the help of which all you will be able to download the latest Tamil movies in just a few minutes.

Friends, today I will tell you some tips that you can download the latest Tamil movies in one click.

I have many friends who are very fond of movies, I love watching movies too. Especially new Tamil films But today, there is no time in the life of running a race.

When the new Tamil films are released, it runs in the cinema hall, then we can not see the film due to either not having time or money.

But today I have come with some tricks, with the help of which all you will be able to download the latest Tamil movies in just a few minutes.

If you are also fond of movies, then you will also be searching something like this on Google - New Tamil Movie 2019, Hindi Dubbed Tamil Movie, Hindi Dubbed new Movie, New Release Tamil Movies.

If you are one of those people who do such a search, then this post is for you. You can download movies easily by using the tricks I have told.

How to download the latest Tamil movies

By the way, you will find many websites on Google that provide Tamil Movies to users, many sites you may know.

But as we all know, uploading content without any permission is illegal. This is why these sites are copyrighted and those sites are blocked, then when we open the site again, that site does not open.

Then you start searching on Google, looking for something like 'Tamil Movies Download Websites, New Tamil Movies Sites' finally, you get many sites, where the movie is available, but the site does not keep the content of the user in mind, To make money, many advertisements are kept in the affair.

So when we open that site, we seem to have a lot of advertisements, even they put a link to Ads in the Download button. There is a lot of problem in downloading the movie, and in the end, we can not even download the movie.

That's why I will tell you about some such code using which you can download movies only in one click.

How to download the latest Tamil movies only in one click

That's why I will tell you about some such code using which you can download movies only in one click.

What I am telling you today, with this trick, you can download a Tamil movie in one click. For this, you will have to type in the language of the code that the site owner does while uploading. Like - if you want to download Bahubali movie then you will do something like this.

Step – 1 Open Google

Step - 2 After opening Google - Type (Index of Movies Bahubali) You should not use a bracket.

When you search by typing this way, then you have a movie upload directly on the direct, that directory will open.

See Screenshot Like This -


You can see that some result is showing in the beginning, you have to open anyone link to the first, second or the third link.


After opening, something will show in this way. Now you have to choose the direct movie that you want to download. This way you can download Tamil movie in a single click.

In addition to this, you can download the latest Tamil movie from Movierulz website. In which new Tamil Movie will be downloadable only after a few days of being released and download it on their mobile or laptop.

What is Movierulz?

Let me tell you this is a movie download website, you can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with Tamil, Telugu, Kannada Movie from this website.

Before visiting the website, let me tell you this is a pirated website. From where you can download a new movie.

Now know how can we download movie from Movierulz?

As I have already told you, it is a pirated website which means that whatever new movie is released, it will allow all of us to download the movie by piracy or by downloading it or watching it online. Whatever we mean in watching the movie.

Friends know you can download the movie by step by step.

Step: -1

First, you go to your mobile or PC to search Google's search bar. Movierulz


Click on the website which is appearing on the first number as it is a pirated website. By which it changes the name of the domain every time copyright arrives.

Step: - 1 First of all, visit the Movierulz website from here.

Step: - 2 After this you will see this page


After coming to this page you can select a category in the menu bar.


If you disagree with India in a category, then you can see or download Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Urdu, Movies.

Apart from this, you can download Movierulz from Hindi Dub film, Tamil Dub film, Telugu Dub film.

Select the Movie

After selecting the category in which you want to watch a movie, select the movie that you want to see.


After that click on any movie, you want to download.

Click to Download Link (File)

After clicking on any one movie, they will come in the movie download page.

You do not click on any download link after coming in.

And scroll down to that page, and just click on that place and download the movie as if the red box is shown in this picture.


After this, you can download any movie.


Friends, this was the post in which I have told you how to download Tamil movies. Hopefully, you will not waste your precious time by writing something like 'Tamil movie kaise download kare, new Tamil movie sites, Tamil full movie sites' etc.

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