In today's time, smartphones are used almost entirely in the world and all of you people will also use the smartphone. Surely, smartphones have become a necessity in today's time. Where people see smartphones, they just keep in touch with the smartphone, so that they can not pay attention to any other work and can not do any work properly.


Many people are like this who in the smartphone all day. Every day, every person unlocks his phone almost 100 times and uses his smartphone for 15 hours out of 24 hours. Let's know about some other Interesting Facts about mobile phone.

Many people do not know what the damage can be caused by using the smartphone more than it needs. If you do not have any information about this, then I will tell you what could be a problem with using a smartphone more than necessary.

From the statements given here, you can easily understand how dangerous the smartphone is. Let's know the interesting Facts about mobile phone.

15 Interesting Facts and Fun Things About Mobile phone

  • In the United States of America, the first mobile phone was sold, in 1983. It was valued at $4000, which was used too much.

  • On any mobile phone, there are 18 times more germs than the toilet, which is produced by our fingertips while using mobile phones and we are all eating food with the same hands that can lead to many diseases.

  • Almost everyone in the world uses Android phones and most of the companies are making Android phones. Malware virus is a virus that attacks 99% Android mobile.

  • Almost all students use smartphones in the US and 47% of students say that they can not live without smartphones, because they all have a type of disease from the smartphone. They say that their brain is cured only by using the smartphone.

  • Friends, you must have read in the newspaper that in 2015, most people were killed while taking selfies because of most of them fall out of high-rise buildings in the wake of a popular selfie and this happens due to all smartphones.

  • People in Malaysia are doing a lot on phone, in Malaysia, the husband, and wife can give each other a divorced and can say goodbye to their relationship.

  • According to an estimate, every single man in the world unlocks his smartphone at least 100 times in a single day.

  • The person who uses the smartphone more than needs is very addicted to it and if the person does not get the phone, then he is more likely to get a dangerous disease named Nomophobia.

  • If you use a smartphone much more than you need, then the radiation of your smartphone can increase the risk of headache and pain in the head, which could spoil your life.

  • Most people in Japan have a smartphone waterproof, and so 90% of people in Kyukki Japan use smartphones in most bathrooms and toilets. Because of this, the companies make waterproof phones more and they all get bus waterproof phones.

  • There is more smartphone than toilets all over the world, even if there is a toilet in every house, the smartphone is high because 2 or 3 smartphones in every home will be getting and the toilet is not in every household. The horror of smartphones in our world is growing such that the population of the people is increasing in this world.

  • There are many smartphone users who use a smartphone when charging, maybe they did not know that the phone is engaged in charging and should not be used. Charging the phone will cause a lot of load on its battery. Although some people say that using the phone in charging can exploding the battery, I do not think that it is completely true, but I would say that while charging phone then avoiding using the phone.

  • In the UK, people use smartphones much more than they need, even there people the time of the eating food, they have a phone call and they have such a big problem in the phone that they also carry smartphones in the toilet, and for that, in a year there are 100,000 smartphones fall in the toilet.

  • Perhaps you will remember that a few years ago, a user from a smartphone was heavily damned because the user was talking while charging the smartphone and putting it in the ear and at that time the battery of that phone exploded. It is difficult to say anything about this how true this is.

  • Many kids love to play games on smartphones and they do not even live without smartphones. Actually, those children do not feel the grief of the game, they get smartphone disease.

If any of you use a smartphone more than it needs, then improves this habit from now on. This habit can be a big disease for us and can cause us trouble. I will not say to all of you that you do not use smartphones at all, you use smartphones but do not use excess them so that they become a problem for you.

We should use the phone according to the calculation. It only ruins our time, but it also causes many diseases in our body. In a way, we get intoxication due to the excess use of the smartphone, due to which our phones do not feel switched off.
If this happens to you, then you have been diagnosed with nomophobia.

Conclusion, use mobile as well and share this post with your friends so that they also do not want to use excessive use of the phone.

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