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15 Interesting Facts and Fun Things About Mobile phone

15 interesting facts and fun things about the mobile phone, that you may have never heard of before...

Nowadays, smartphones are used almost everywhere in the world and we all use smartphones. Of course, mobile phones have become an essential item in today's world. And because of this mobile phone, people are unable to concentrate on other tasks properly and cannot do any work properly. At present, it has become a drug addiction.

Many people are busy with mobile phones all day long. According to an Internet survey, on average, each person unlocks his or her phone about 100 times a day and uses their phone 15 hours in 24 hours. Let's find out interesting facts and fun things about the mobile phone

Many people use the smartphone more than they need, they do not know what the problem may be. If you do not know any information about this, I will tell you what problems can be caused by using a smartphone more than necessary.

After reading the statements here, you can easily understand how dangerous the mobile phone in your hand is. Let's find out 15 interesting facts and fun things about the mobile phone.

15 Interesting Facts and Fun Things About Mobile phone

  1. The first mobile phone in the United States was sold in 1983, priced at $ 4000. This phone was used a lot.
  2. On any mobile phone, there are up to 18 times more germs than toilets, which are created when using a mobile phone with our finger. Usually, we eat with the hands that we use with the mobile phone. Which can cause many diseases.
  3. Almost everyone in the world uses Android phones, and most companies also make Android phones. Malware virus is a virus that attacks 99% of Android mobiles.
  4. Almost all students use mobile phones in the United States, and 47% of students say they cannot live without a smartphone. As they all suffer from a type of smartphone disease. They say that only by using their mobile phones does their brain heal.
  5. You must have read in the newspaper that in 2015, most people died when they take selfies. Because most of them went to taking selfies from high places to become popular.
  6. Malaysians do a lot of work on their phone. Through SMS, in Malaysia, husbands and wives can divorce each other and say goodbye to their relationship.
  7. According to a survey, every person in the universe unlocks his mobile phone at least 100 times a day.
  8. The person who uses the smartphone more than necessary is very addicted to it, and if the person does not get the phone, he or she is likely to have a dangerous disease called nomophobia.
  9. If you use a mobile phone more than you need, the radiation of your mobile phone can increase the risk of headaches. Which can ruin your life.
  10. Most people in Japan have waterproof mobile phones, and because 90% of Japanese people use phones in bathrooms and toilets. That's why companies in Japan make waterproof phones, and they all prefer to use waterproof phones.
  11. There are more mobile phones worldwide than toilets. Even if every home has a toilet, mobile phones are many. Because everyone has 1 or 2 smartphones, but usually the toilet has only one in each house.
  12. You may remember that a few years ago, a smartphone was doing a lot of harm to one because the user was talking on a phone charge. It is difficult to say anything about how true this is. However, many lovers indeed talk about hourly between them while the phone is charging.
  13. There are many smartphone users (even me) who use mobile phones while charging. They don't know that the phone should not be used while charging. Many technicians say that the phone's battery may explode when used while charging, I don't think this is entirely true, but I think the phone should not be used while charging.
  14. In the UK, people use smartphones a lot more than they need to. People also use the phone while they are having their meal. They even carry mobile phones in the toilet, and for that, 100,000 phones a year fall on the toilet.
  15. Many kids like to play games on smartphones and they don't even live without a smartphone. These children do not feel sorry for the game, they are suffering from smartphone diseases.

If you are over-utilizing a mobile phone, then discard this bad habit from now on. This habit can be a major ailment and cause problems for us. I wouldn't say that the phone should not be used at all. If you use a smartphone, do not overdo it, which can cause problems.

We should use the phone as we need it. It not only wastes our time, but it also causes many diseases in our body. Somehow, we get addicted to excessive use of the smartphone, which causes us to not want to switch off the mobile phone.

If this is the case for you, you are suffering from nomophobia.


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