Know about GBWhatsApp and Whatsapp Group links for Students


Let's know about GBWhatsApp GB and today I'm sharing the best list of Whatsapp Group links for students, all WhatsApp group is for educational knowledge.

The name contains the word WhatsApp, so you can guess that it is something related to WhatsApp. Yes, you have a right guess, it is only related to WhatsApp. Let's know about the GBWhatsapp and its features, how to download it.

GBWhatsapp is a modded version by WhatsApp. This version of Whatsapp works just like WhatsApp, but it offers you a lot more fun options. In essence, this is just the extended version of the official Whatsapp app.

We use all the software or apps that we need, but restrictions have been implemented keeping in mind private privacy and other things.

But there are some tools and tricks that we can overcome those restrictions and GBWhatsapp provides the same facility by giving a different version with extended features.

Features of GBWhatsapp

Here you can learn about the features of this app.

1. You can send up to 50 MB of size video while the official Whatsapp version allows only up to 16 MB.

2. You can send 100 photos at a time using GBWhatsapp, but officially you can send only 30 photos at a time.

3. You can hide your status, typing status, last scene, double ticks, and blue ticks.

4. You can set up a group name up to 35 characters, which you can not do with official Whatsapp.

5. You can change the theme of your Whatsapp and talk to others from more than 100 different languages.

6. You can use two Whatsapp account on an Android phone using GBWhatsapp.

7. When you look at someone's status, he can see you in the list of people who have seen the status but with GBWhatsapp you can hide your name from being listed in that name so that others do not know that you Have seen the status.

8. You can set auto-replies to send your contacts.

9. You can schedule messages that are beneficial for congratulating your friends on their birthday, anniversary or any other day.

These are some useful features of GBWhatsapp. It offers great features that you do not get with the official Whatsapp app.

GBWhatsApp is the perfect modded version of the official version with extended features which makes it fun.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe?

In most cases GBWhatsapp is safe but it is not official, there is no guarantee of anything. In this case, if you need it then only use the official version.

How to download GBWhatsapp?

This is a modified version so you will not get it on the official Google Play Store. But you can get the APK file and install it on your android phone.

How to install GBWhatsApp on Android phones?

All Android phones are set to install apps only from the official Play Store but you can install it from other sources by making a few changes to the settings. To do this, look for Settings >> Security and Unknown Sources.

Enable it, by enabling it, you can allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources.

Then tap on the GBWhatsApp APK file that you have downloaded and continue. You will be asked to verify your number as you do with official Whatsapp. After verifying the bus number, it will be installed.

Note: - This app is not harmful but you still have to use it on your own risk because it is not an official version.

Whatsapp provides you with the main features that allow you to chat with each other, file a call exchange, but GBWhatsApp enhances each existing feature and adds a lot of new features. When you use it for the first time, its features will make your hair grow.

Best Collection of Students Whatsapp Groups

Today I am sharing with you the best list of Whatsapp Group links. These all are active WhatsApp group and for educational knowledge. Here you can find 100+ WhatsApp groups.

Girls WhatsApp Group

Lovers Whatsapp Group

Aunty Lovers Group Link

Open Minded People

Love is Life

All Time Fun

No chat? Video’s Only

ONLY Boys & Girls Chat

Khatwala Babu

WhatsApp Village Guys

Motivational Quotes

WhatsApp Video Status


Students Comedy group

 WhatsApp People

Whatsapp Group for Chats Only

Loving friends

Make ??? FuN frIeNds

Love WhatsApp Group

Hum Nahi Sudhrenge Bhai

Khan Baba ki Duniya


Sibsadi Prothistan

Deal and Offer Guru

Best YouTube Videos


Be happy Boyz

Singham Fanzz

Pepole’ Group

People of Afganistan

Coupon Roast

Lollipop Girls WhatsApp Group
No Ch@t only Share Media

Crazy friends Whatsapp Group

Super WhatsApp Groups

Indian Videos

Vivek Oderoi Fan Club

Online Book Shopping

Cosmetics Lovers

Mumbai Indians Fans Grup

King World

Allu Arjun Fansssss


MINHAJ Web-School

Welcome Group APJ

Only Whatsapp Group

2019 Whatsapp Group

Joker Wala Group



Vicious and Delicious

All about Internet Group

Black Girls

Chak De India

Business Services

Jay Sri Ram

Anata No Heart Ni Nico

Sexy group Join

Only Entertainment

Mountain Movers

Net Collection of  Videos

Free services

 Babhi’s Group

Desi Only

Hot Videos share

Hot Chicks

18+ Link Group

Medical Girls Group

Surgical procedure

Nursing World


Dr. Knowledge & IQ Test

M.B.B.S Medicine

Auto CAD

Civil Engineering & Construction

Engineer Boys

Technical Chamber

Short Circuit

Body Building

Bodybuilders Girl

Weight loss Group

Manage Your Time


Head and Shoulder 


Art Collection

Pure Art


Picsart Group 

Art Star

Heaven Island 

Role Play Groups 

Only Videos 

Love is my life 

18+Mini Denmark

Learning Languages 

Videos Only

Hot Bhabi

Denmark Sex Ch@t

Football Fans 

Only Masti

SiCi Island 

African Girls 

U. H. U.

Love and Dating

Aunties Lover 

Hope you got this good post about GB WhatsApp in this post. If there is anything wrong with this, comment and share this article further so that anyone else can know about it because of you.
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