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Know all about Mobile Phone Insurance


Similar to general insurance, companies also provide insurance for mobile phones. ...

Losing the phone in today's time is a common thing, but it also sometimes creates difficulties that hurt us. Imagine the situation that you lose any expensive mobile phone, which you are filling in an EMI. Just think, you will have to fill the EMI of the phone that you do not even have. This is a strange situation that you can not even change. But under such circumstances, mobile insurance can prove to be a better option, only about a select few are known. Through this post, we will try to tell you every little thing about mobile insurance.

What is Mobile Insurance:

Like any other insurance product, mobile phone insurance offers risk cover. In such cases, insurance provides you risk cover for situations like phone losing, theft, and loss. Such insurance can be purchased in the gadget or within a maximum period of 5 days from the day of billing. The premium of insurance (insurance) depends on the value of the gadget. This cover period is usually for one year, but there are some insurers in the market who also provide cover for two years.

The advantage of insurance is found in these situations:

  • Act of God
  • Loss or theft during a strike or riot
  • In the case of theft and housebreaking
  • Losses due to fire, electricity, and explosion
  • Losses that result from personal negligence such as loss, forgot, leave somewhere, disappear or fall somewhere
  • Loss of attempt to steal
  • Any damage is done outside the Indian territory
  • Lack of intentional neglect
  • On the damage caused by incorrect installation and incorrect set-up
  • On the losses suffered during cyber-attacks, terrorist activities, and abominable activities

Which companies give insurance:

Many insurance companies offer mobile/gadget insurance through third party service providers.

Here is the list of most reliable companies and their insurance plans.

1. MobileAssist


Plan: The basic plan starts from Rs 599 for smartphones, covering all sorts of damages.
Plans: Few days ago the Company has introduced 5 plans. Plans depending on the mobile price. Among all the plans, one plan is exclusively for Samsung mobiles. To give you an idea about the price range, here is a chart:

If the mobile price between Rs4000 to Rs10000, then choose Rs599/- year plan. Maximum is the Rs1999 / year and the most costly plan in the series for mobile costing between Rs25001 – Rs60,000.

3. Warranty Asia


Plans: The insurance plans of WarrantyAsia are also based on the price of the handset.

WarrantyAsia insurance plans start from Rs349 for handsets priced between Rs1500 to Rs5000. The most costly plan Rs4299 – it for handsets priced between Rs45001 and more.

4. SyncNScan


Plans: One can buy a plan over the phone after dialing the customer care number.

5. Gadget Cops


Plans: Plans by GadgetCops spread your smartphone for 2 years and it guarantees to provide or substitution to any electrical and mechanical faults. In addition, there is also an extent of 'cashless service' wherein the insurer does not have to pay for any repair done at the service center all the expenses are borne by the company.

6. Times Global


Plans: The plans start from Rs125/month for phones between Rs3,000 to 15,000, Rs310 per month for phones ranging between Rs30,000 and more.

7. Warranty Bazaar


Plans: For smartphones ranging from Rs5000 to Rs100000, the plans vary accordingly, offering accidental and liquid damage support and extended warranty.

8. Onsite Go


Plans: Most of the insurance plans fall in an affordable range, for gadgets varying from Rs5000 to Rs100000.

How can I claim:

The process of claiming insurance made available to all the insurers available in the market is akin to all. Although the condition here is that any person should inform the insurer regarding the loss/theft or the loss of the phone as soon as possible.

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