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Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker Review


Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker Review. In the box with the device, you will find the charging adapter, cable, user manual, and warranty card.

Letstrack, a company that has created a variety of GPS tracking devices, has introduced a personal tracking device in India a few days ago, which costs 6,999 rupees. With this device, you can track live locations of your pets in addition to your family members, friends. Letstrack's personal tracking device is small, which you can put in bags, purses or pockets. This device came to us for review, which I used it, let's know in the review, how much has this device good for you?



There is a 1000mAh battery in which the company has claimed a backup of up to 2 days. It has a GPS receiver. To use this, you will have to download the mobile app of Letttrack on your phone and register with the mobile number. With this help, you can track real-time locations and also see history. You can also create zones in this. After creating the zone, you will get a notification on the phone as soon as you go out of the fixed zone with this device. With the help of the Letstrack app, you can also check the speed of the car. For example, if someone is traveling in a car with this device then you will be able to know through the app how much speed the car is running. It will get one year warranty. In the box with the device, you will find the charging adapter, cable, user manual, and warranty card.



Letstrack's personal GPS tracking device is small, which you can keep in the fist. Apart from this, a hole has been given in it, with the help of which you can apply a thread like this and after that, you can bind it to your pet's neck. However, if you are using it for family member or friend, then you do not have to do this. You can keep this device in its pocket or bag. Well, the size of this device is not large but it should have been smaller because due to being small it could be hidden somewhere in an emergency. For example, someone else is abducted and the device is hijacked. Even though there is a large device, you will not be able to track it, because its size is so easy that it can not be hidden anywhere. The device's body material is good and it has two buttons which have a power off/on and emergency buttons. In addition, it will get a micro USB charging port and an indicator. This device is available in only one color variant black color.



Setting up this device is not a difficult task. First of all, you have to download Letstrack app from the Google Play Store or from Apple's App Store on the phone. After this, you can register the device with the help of the given device number on the back of the device. To purchase and activate this device, you need to provide your ID proof. Well if you are having difficulty in setup, you can contact Letstracker customer care. They can get a live demo and set up the device on their home or on the phone.

The performance


If you talk about the battery in the first place of performance then it lasts for up to two days when the battery is kept on continuous, but if you stop using 3-4 hours then the battery can back up to three days. Now the question is how much does it work if it is a GPS device. During the review, we have been able to track my friend live with this device in real time. We were constantly tracking the location. During this time our friend traveled the bus and metro, and we got the information of his speed on the phone in the installed Letttrack App. This device has an Emergency Button which is red.


In case of Emergency, pressing this button will place an emergency alarm on your phone and during that time you will also know the device's live location. You can put your child's school bag or belt on this device and choose the zone. In such a situation, your child will get a notification on your phone as soon as your child goes out of the zone with this device. The good thing is that you can share the location of this device with any of your friends, for that you have to do a small setting.


There are still some drawbacks in the Letstrack app. For example, many times it has to face difficulty in adding the group, friends or device. Apart from this, many times the notification is not sent by pressing the emergency button, and many times the notification goes too late. The company needs to work on it now. Apart from this, the company needs to think about the battery backup, Because sometimes it becomes difficult to track when the battery is low. So the overall thing is that if the company removes these shortcomings then it is a perfect GPS device to protect oneself.

Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker Review Letstrack Personal GPS Tracker Review Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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