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Nokia 4 2 review: Will it Challenge the Legacy of Redmi and Realme in the budget range


Will Nokia 4.2 be able to challenge the smartphone market of Chinese smartphone companies Redmi and Realme budget range in the Indian market? ...

Prior to the launch of an Android smartphone, Nokia's mobile phone in the Indian market was unilateral. But, as the Android smartphone era started, Nokia went out of the Indian market. Nokia has come back with an Android smartphone once again in the Indian market three years ago. HMD Global launches several budgets and mid-range smartphones with Nokia's Android platform. Nokia 8 was one of the best-selling smartphones in the list of flagship devices. Last year, Nokia launched several smartphones in the Indian market.

In the year MWC 2019, Nokia introduced Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 9 Pureview. Out of these four smartphones, Nokia 4.2 has been launched in India last week for Rs 10,990. Will Nokia 4.2 be able to challenge the smartphone market of Chinese smartphone companies Redmi and Realme's budget range in the Indian market? In this review, I will tell you about the features of Nokia 4.2 which makes it different from other smartphones found in this budget range.

What's new in Nokia 4.2?


In Nokia 4.2, in this budget range, like every smartphone launching this year, all features including the Waterdrop Notch feature, Dual Rear camera, but Nokia 4.2 is the first smartphone that comes with the Artificial Intelligence-equipped Dedicated Google Assistant button. Due to this Voice Assistance Button, this smartphone works like a calling phone i.e. you will be able to interact with your smartphone.

You just have to press the button of your smartphone to listen to the latest news, latest music. When you press your Google Assistance button, this smartphone will start working according to your voice command. However, one drawback of this dedicated voice assist button is that it only supports apps from Google. This Voice Assistance does not support any third party app. However, through the voice assist button, you can work from calling to reading text messages.

How does the Google Assistant button work?


Single Press - Once you press this power button you will get Google Maps, Music, Google Search and Calling options. You will be able to use these features using voice commands. This power button feature of Nokia 4.2 works entirely with Google Assistance Support.

Double press- Nokia 4.2's Google Assistant Power Button When you press twice, this Voice Assistance gives you Intelligence Consultation about your day's highlights. This feature gives you personalized decoration according to your interest. After double press, gives you a reservation about flight timing, important two-to-task, bill payments, and events.

Long press- Walkie-talkie mode activates when you press long press on Long Press-Nokia 4.2's power button. That is, you will be able to talk to your smartphone now. As long as you hold down the Power button, Google Assistant keeps listening to your query. As soon as you leave the power button, it gives a reservation according to your query.


Now talk about the basic features of the phone, first of all, talk about the design and build quality of the phone. The look and design of Nokia 4.2 will be very attractive to you. Its build quality is the same as a premium smartphone.

It's front and back panel has the protection of 2.5D worn glass. This smartphone is only diluted 8.4mm, which makes it look quite attractive. The phone is available in two color options Black and Pink. In the front panel of the phone, you have been given the Waterdrop Notch feature while it's back panel has a dual rear camera and fingerprint sensor. The build quality of the phone is good and the look also looks like a premium.



Speaking of the display of Nokia 4.2, it has a full HD quality display of 5.71 inches. The display's aspect ratio is given 19: 9. In the phone, you will see 720-pixel resolution video. If I play video via Youtube app then its maximum resolution is up to 720 pixels.



Talk about the performance of Nokia 4.2, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor. The phone comes in the same memory variant 3GB + 32GB. You can extend its internal memory to 400GB via microSD card. Dual SIM card slot is provided in the phone with a dedicated MicroSD card slot. The phone supports the 4G VoLTE network.

You can get 4GB + 64GB configuration in other budgets available in this budget range. In this way, I will recompense you to install the light version of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, on this phone. Because, if you download the main version, the storage of the phone is high, this can make the performance of the smartphone slow.



Talking about the camera features of the phone, two cameras are given in its back. In the back, the primary rear camera has been given 13 megapixels so you can click the photo of 4:3 ratio. With a primary rear camera, you can also shoot 1080p resolution video. The camera also has an Auto HDR feature. The secondary rear camera of the phone is given 2 megapixels.

Talk about the phone's selfie camera, its front has an 8-megapixel selfie camera. You can also click the photo of 4: 3 ratio with Self camera. Apart from this, a video of 1080 pixel resolution can also shoot. You also get the HDR feature in the front camera. Also in the selfie camera, live BOKEH mode is also given. The camera of Nokia 4.2 is the same as other smartphones in this range. I would not say it much better, but on the phone's camera, you find all the features that are available in other smartphones in this range.

Operating System and Connectivity

Another unique feature of Nokia 4.2 is that it comes with Android One platform, due to which you get Android's latest operating system and security patches from time to time. In Nokia 4.2, you will get an update of Android's latest operating system for 2 years. To power the phone, it has 3,000mAh of battery. The battery of the phone lasts for one day comfortably.

Apart from this, the phone has given micro USB charging jack, 3.5mm audio jacks. With the smartphone coming in this range, you do not get earphones or headphones, but Nokia has given an earphone with Nokia 4.2 while retaining its legacy. You can use call reception to music. Features such as Face Unlock and Fingerprint sensor for security in the phone.

My decision

After an overview of Nokia 4.2, it is clear that HMD Global has recognized the pulse of Indian users. This is why this smartphone is specially made for users of the budget range. The display of the phone has not been so big, but the phone looks pretty attractive. Apart from this, you can see the dedicated Google Assistance button like this smartphone's USP. The camera of the phone is not so much better, but you can click the good picture worth the social media upload with its camera. Nokia 4.2 has actually tried to challenge Chinese smartphone brands RedMe and Realme with the budget range.
Nokia 4 2 review: Will it Challenge the Legacy of Redmi and Realme in the budget range Nokia 4 2 review: Will it Challenge the Legacy of Redmi and Realme in the budget range Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Sunday, May 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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