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Nu Republic Starboy Wireless Headphone with Mic review


Starboy Wireless Headphone with mic created by Nu Republic brand. This gadget not only offers a great listening experience but also provides access to phone calls too...

It is said that music is the biggest stress reliever. If good music is able to erase the fatigue of the day. But listening to good music requires that you have a good music player too. Nowadays there is a trend of wireless headphones and earphones. There are many brands of wireless music player devices available in the market which offer excellent features and sound quality in different price segments. One of these is the Starboy Wireless Headphone with mic created by Nu Republic brand. This gadget not only offers a great listening experience but also provides access to phone calls too. To test the capacity of the Starboy Wireless Headphone, we also used it and whether it is the true budget-friendly wireless headphone or not. If you are planning to take a new wireless headphone then you can get a lot of work out of our review.

Style & Design

For the review, we received the Nu Republic Starboy Wireless Headphone Black Color Model. It looks good on the color headphones. Yes, you can not say too much interactive. Foam coating on headband and over-ear is very soft. On both the over-years, the logo of the Nu Republic is on the outside. The company has given all kinds of buttons and netting sensor and jack right over-ear.


The power button on the front view and volume buttons are given on the back view. The audio cable and USB port along with the Mike are located on the lower view. This wireless headphone of Nu Republic is able to turn 180 degrees. Starboy's branding has been given on headphone headband. The company has described the dimensions of Starboy Wireless Headphone 4.5 x 16.7 x 19 cm and weighing 200 gms. On behalf of the company, this headphone has been launched in black and Red in addition to black.



It's very easy to pair Starboy Wireless Headphone with any device. In addition to pressing Power Button, Bluetooth is also turned on. You can search this headphone by turning on Bluetooth on a phone or laptop. By default, this headphone comes with the name 'Nu Starboy'. Only after clicking on it it gets paired with that device. The good thing is that if you have to connect the headphones to any other device, then it is ready to pair only after restarting it. The Starboy Wireless Headphone can stay connected to Bluetooth up to 10 meters.


The sound of the headphones is, of course, superficial, or the look is brilliant, the real look does not get until its use is comfortable. Wireless headphones seem to be heavy on the head and neck while listening to songs for a long time. But this problem has not been found with Nu Republic's Starboy Wireless Headphone. The use of this headphone has proved to be lenient due to headphones losing weight and due to the earcaps and soft foam on the band. Yes, if the headband was a bit wider then it would be better.

Sound make crazy

The first and foremost reason for buying headphones is its music and sound. There is no doubt that the sound of the Starboy Wireless Headphone is very great. The balance of both the Trouble and Base headphones is the best. The volume of the song does not crack even on the volume increase but at the same time, the vocal voice is not suppressed as the base grows. In the Starboy Wireless Headphone, the sound of both stereo and mono are heard erectly.


Nu Republic Starboy Wireless Headphone is equipped with 50 mm Neodymium driver, which is built on the multiple-transition diaphragm. Tell you that the more neodymium magnets in any headphone, the more air it produces, the better and more the volume is generated. This is because the Starboy Wireless Headphone offers clear sound even when the full volume is done. Surrounding in this headphone gets on the sound quality.

Inbuilt Mic

The Nu Republic brand's wireless headphones come with Inbuilt Mike. The phone call can be done through this mic, while the phone's personal assistant can also be given the command. We connected the Starboy Wireless Headphone to Apple iPhone and Mac laptops. On the iPhone, there was a slight problem in giving the command to Siri. The Starboy Wireless Headphone appeared hard to hear the command at once. On the other hand, if you are somewhere in the outdoor headphone wireless mic may have trouble talking to the phone.

Battery backup


The Nu Republic, however, kept the MAH of the battery given in the Starboy Wireless Headphone as confidential, but the company claims that once full charge, it gives up to 8 hours of backup. During the use, we found the company's claim absolutely correct. After charging, the headphone has been playing continuously since 10:30 in the morning to 7:00 in the morning. In the one-time charge, the Starboy Wireless Headphone battery has backed up more than 8 hours.


On behalf of Nu Republic, Starboy Wireless Headphone is being sold on the company's website for Rs 1,499. On the shopping site Amazon, it is available for sale at 999 rupees.


Nu Republic's Starboy Wireless headphone is the average in case of headphone look. Talking about the sound quality, Starboy Wireless Headphone offers the best results here. The music quality of this headphone is superb. There is also a good battery backup of the headphones, which will play with you during the long journey. Headphone's company price is not high, while on Amazon, these headphones are also sold at cheaper prices. Yes, there may be some problem with the connection to the phone, but if you are planning to purchase this headphone only for the purpose of music, then it will conform to your expectations.

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