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Recover Permanently Deleted Files Windows 10


Recovering Permanently Deleted Files is very difficult. But today we are telling you about software that can recover permanently deleted files Windows 10...

How many of you guys ever think about how to recover permanently deleted files windows 10? We all keep our essential documents (photos, videos, and files) on our computer or laptop in the laptop or computer's hard drive. But many times we accidentally delete important Documents files. However, we can recover them from Recycle Bin. But even when the recycle bean is cleared, the file gets deleted permanently. Recovering Permanently Deleted Files is very difficult. But today we are telling you about software that can recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10.

There are so many software tools to regain the files, photos, videos, and other data deleted, we will tell you about the best-deleted data recovery software.

We are talking about, using the EaseUSData Recovery Wizard, you can get the files up to 2GB for free. EaseUS specializes in Data Manipulation, Data Recovery and Data Partition with its software lineup. This includes Data Recovery Wizard, Partition Wizard, and Movie Saver. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful tool that helps you record deleted files in Windows 10 operating systems. Let's know how to recover deleted data from your Windows 10?

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Data (File / Photo) From Windows 10?

With the help of EaseUS Data Recovery software, you can easily recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10, by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

First of all, download the EaseUSData Recovery Wizard in your PC or Laptop which runs on Windows 10 OS, and install it.


1. Click the Free Download button.

Step: 2

After download & install, open the Data Recovery Wizard.

1. Now select the Drive that you want to recover deleted data.

2. Then click on the Scan button.


You can recover the direct file from Desktop, Recycle Bin, and Folder.

Step 3:

1. Now select the file you want to recover.

2. After selecting File, click the Recover button.


So in this way, you can easily recover deleted files from your computer and laptop which runs on Windows 10 OS.

Note: - Remember, with the Free Trial version, you can only recover files up to 2GB, to recover large size files, you have to take its premium plan.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Features

The best feature of this data recovery wizard is that it is very easy to recover the deleted file; its step is very simple. While recovering data from other tools is not easy.

This is the reason that most people use this tool to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10. So far 72,000,000 users have used it. Its following features make it the best data recovery software.

  • Quick Scanning
  • Deep Scanning
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Multiple File Type Support
  • USB Drive Recovery
  • Recover Lost Partitions
  • Auto Bad Sector Skip
  • Bootable Media for emergency situations

Apart from these, there are many more features that are meant for premium users only.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Price

Unlike the other best data recovery tools and software prices in the market, EaseUS offers the lowest cost plans.

It has four plans whose prices are as follows.

1)      Free: This plan is free.
2)      Pro: Its price is $ 69.95.
3)      Pro + Wipe: Its price is $ 99.90.
4)      Technician: Its plans start from $ 299.


In general, we have to record less than 2GB of data and we can do so in the free plan. If you have lost more than the size of your data and you want to participate, then you can suck the plan accordingly.


Generally, we are able to retrieve those files, which are stored in the Recycle Bin folder. When this file is deleted from the drive only, the Permanent Deletion is not done.

It is very difficult to recover the permanently deleted files from the Windows 10 computer using the Shift + Delete shortcut as it is not stored in the recyclable bean.

Therefore, in order to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10, we need data recovery software and for this, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best option.

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