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Skullcandy Push Earbuds Review


Skullcandy Push Earbuds review. Trend True Wireless Earbuds are now running in the market.

In today's time, almost every person using a smartphone is troubled by the wired earphones or the headphones' confusion. Whatever we may try, but sometimes the earphones and headphones of the bag or kept in the pocket are confused. At the same time, it takes quite a long time to solve these strings. But, if you have trouble with the wire earphones and headphones like me, there are many wireless earphones and headphones in the market. But, now Trend True Wireless Earbuds are running in the market.

Samsung, Nokia, and Apple have introduced its True Wireless earbuds in Market. On the other hand, Skullcandy is giving another option to customers in the market with its True Wireless earbuds. The company had launched its Skullcandy Push earbud in the Indian market some time ago, which costs 9,999 rupees. When we got the chance to use Skullcandy Push earbuds, then we tried to know whether this market would be able to compete with Samsung Galaxy Buds and Nokia True Wireless earphones. Because this is not a little less in price. In such a way, why to choose them, then was also important to know the answer.

Design and Specifications

If you talk about Skullcandy Push's design, it will not attract you so much that we expect from truly wireless earbuds. However, it is not very bad but it is mediocre. Once you have used it, you will get the habit of using it. Both earbuds have different buttons that work on controlling power on-off and volume.


Push's case is a bit bigger, but it can easily come in your pocket. There is a small LED light indicator in the case, which will give you the battery information. The type-c charging port is present on the right side of the case. With the LED light indicator, you will see a button, which you can get to know its battery by pressing.


If compared to the case of Samsung Buds, then the case of Skullcandy Push is a bit bigger, which looks strange in your pocket. With this, when you use Push, earphones will come out of the ears separately. This does not mean that earbuds are uncomfortable. You can enjoy it after fitting well in the ear. Also, the good thing is that Push is quite lightweight.


If you use them while traveling, then you have no problem. Even after wearing it for a long time, your ears will not feel any pain or will not feel strange. I used it while traveling in the crowd at the Local Bus. But, when some other passenger got the hand, it came out and fell down. Its fitting is not as good as Samsung or Apple's If you want to use them during a workout or running, then my advice will be that you do not use it. However, it can be used while sitting or walking on the road.

The performance

The company has introduced Push with Auto Power On and Auto Power Off, which means that it will be turned on as soon as it is taken out of the case and it will be off when placed in the case. Talking about its sound quality, we heard its music with different apps. Its performance was very good with the music app and Google Music. Buds offer good sound quality in the case of the mid, vocal, base. But, Push remains quite ahead in the case of the base. In addition to these earbuds we used to play Pubg games, its sound quality was like any normal earphones.

The performance

After listening to different apps and different types of songs, we can say that it's sound quality is quite strong. However, its noise cancellation is not so good. But, the sound of the outside still reaches little to your ears.

Such as connecting

There is a button on the side of both earbuds, which you can use to do many things. Music can be played or paused with a single tap. However, initially, you may have to troubleshoot your phone to connect to your phone. But, for this, we tell you how to connect this Skullcandy Push for the first time with your phone. After removing your two Buds from the case, the left side will have to tap for about 7 seconds. After that, Push's name will appear on your phone in Bluetooth and you can connect it to the phone.


At the same time, press the left-hand button for 5 seconds and can be turned off. At the same time, to increase the volume, the right-bit button has to be double-tap and double-click the left button to reduce the volume. At the same time, to play the next song, the right-button has to be pressed for three seconds. If you want to Receive/End calls on earbuds, then you have to tap on the left-hand side for this.


Earbuds are charged while keeping in the case. Once charging, you will be able to charge Push Earbuds 2 times full. What is its battery backup, it can not be fully explained because whenever you do not use it, keep the bugs in the case and they will be charged. But it lasts for about 2 days in 2-3 hours of use throughout the day. It takes about 1 hour for the case to be fully charged.


Overall, the performance is good, but due to the design and cost, it remains behind. If you are using wireless earphones, you will definitely want to use during crowds or exercise and here it bothers. Apart from this, the price is very high. In such a situation, my advice will not be to take it.
Skullcandy Push Earbuds Review Skullcandy Push Earbuds Review Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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