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Stop Google from tracking your activities in 2019

If you do not know then let me tell you what Google knows all about what you do on the internet. Lets know how to stop Google from tracking your activities...

If you have to use the Internet, then you must use Google and you know about Google. Do you know that Google tracks every single activity you have? Yes, if you do not know then let me tell you what Google knows all about what you do on the internet. Let's know how to stop Google from tracking your activities.

Google simplifies our online work as well as easily tracks your location and activity. Every activity is monitored on the internet and the digital era. Google tracks you like a spy.

Google not only tracks your activity but also stores your data. Google does this so that they can find out more about you by earning more money by showing your choice of ads.

Stop Google from tracking your activities

Google knows all your secrets. Which means Google knows everything you are doing on the Internet. Here, I am telling you some tips that can stop you from Google's track.

1. Avoid tracking the location

Sometimes we forget about our security and we are not afraid to share credit card, bank account details online due to technology, we have to face the problem many times and also, suffer losses.

Google can easily track your every location. If you want Google or anyone to track your location, you need to avoid location tracking. For this, you can go to your phone's settings and go to Privacy and Safety option.

Here you will see the option of the location, turn it off. After doing this, Google will not be able to track your location.

2. Use Voice Search

Google also tracks your voice search. If you do not want Google to track your voice search, then avoid voice search or use it at least. If you have to do voice search then do not search or share any of your important information in Google so that your data is safe.

3. Delete Voice and Web Records

When you keep logging in with Google Gmail ID in Internet Browser, Google stores our history. You can delete it from time to time. You will need to visit the My Activity History page for this. On this page you can see the long list of history, you can delete it.

Also, go to the specialty audio page On this page you will find all the voice command details. The easiest way to turn off your voice and web records is to disable this feature and delete all these files. You can delete it by clicking on the three-dots menu on any recording.

4. Do not share the information required

Many people often search for credit card numbers, ATM pins, bank account numbers, PINs, passwords and other essential data in the Google search engine or send it to Gmail messages. As soon as you do this, Google tracks it and keeps it close to you forever.

If you want to avoid this, do not search for all this information at google anytime. Use Google wisely and always keep in mind what you are searching on Google will not make you a problem. Also, do not ever find the wrong information in Google.

5. Use Safe Browsing

If you do not want Google to track you, then use Safe Browsing. For this, you open the chrome browser and Firefox and press the Ctrl + Shift + N key button. Use the safe browser to open it. Google does not track your browsing history, cookies and information.

With these methods, you can avoid tracking yourself from Google and make use of the Internet safely; always keep in mind that you should never do such a search that will cause trouble for you and you have to be disappointed.

Always keep in mind: Use Safe Browsing while doing things like internet banking, mobile recharge, bill payment, online shopping, money transaction, etc.

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