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Tagg Flex Music Player Review: Big Bang In Small Pack


Tagg Flex music player review. Tagg Flex is the best music player in a lower range that is capable of meeting your needs.

You would also like to hear the song on the earphones from the mobile, but it feels good when you are alone. But when friends meet and become party mood then who hears on the earphone. There should be some banging music on which everyone zoomed. Well if there are many music players then they are known for great sound. But some of them are very big, so the price of something very much. The small and powerful device is very low. Understanding these requirements, mobile accessories brand Tagg has launched the portable Bluetooth speaker named Flex. The company claims that this small speaker can make your party fabulous. The price of this music player is Rs 1,749 and this device was also available to us for review and we used this device for almost a month and the conclusion that you got is in front of you.



Talk about its design the Tagg Flex is a smart device whose built quality is quite solid. We have a black colored device with a metal grill on its front and a big logo Tagg. The rest of the body is of Polycarbonate, which has a rubber coating. The advantage of this is that the hand does not slip quickly. There are two cutouts of rubber on the bottom which give it a good grip Good thing can be said that even if the voice on the smooth surface is fast, it does not move. At the same time, it protects the surfaces below from scratch.

In the previous panel of the device, you have been given a power button, TFT card slot, and micro USB slot. Control buttons will be seen in the upper panel. The device's design is good but we love the size of it very much. You can carry it in your hand and there will be no problem. Even if we keep weight for long, it will not be too difficult.



When coming out of design, when it comes to features, let me tell you that the company has given two speakers of 3 Watt in it. With this device, it supports Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect it to your phone up to a range of 10 meters. A power of 1,200 mAH battery is provided for power backup and the company claims that it is capable of delivering 4 hours of play time. If you are charging it, then it is fully charged in about two hours time. In addition to Bluetooth, TFT cards are also supported for music. The button is in the upper panel to change the mode. At the same time tell you that there is also calling support in it where you can connect to the phone and make a conference call. The phone has TFT card support. In such a situation, the button has been placed at the top only to change the mode.



Talk about the performance, in one sentence it can say that you will love this device. The design is fantastic, as well as the music quality is also good. The sound of this small device is so loud that you can easily enjoy the DJ Songs in a large room. At the same time, if you are going to have fun in the outdoors, it will also work for you. Its sound is quite loud and you can listen comfortably even within a radius of 25 meters. Yes, there is a slight decrease here that the sound is broken in full sound. Regardless of its sound quality, you will be loved.


During the use of Tagg Flex, we connected it to many different phones and it was able to be easily paired. We have no problem of any kind. On the other hand, having a calling button gives an extra feature. During the call, you will get clear sound quality. In this, the reverse and forward button are given in the above, which also works for volume control. Once it is pressed, this music changes, but to control the volume you have to press it.

Overall, Tagg Flex is a great music player. Yes, if you find a reduction, then you can say that it is not waterproof but in this budget, you will not get a waterproof device.
Tagg Flex Music Player Review: Big Bang In Small Pack Tagg Flex Music Player Review: Big Bang In Small Pack Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Thursday, May 23, 2019 Rating: 5

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