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These 5 Things You Should Never Search on Google in 2019

You may be missing out on a lot of Google searches every day, you probably will not remember, but do you know what should not be searched in Google. Yes, there are some things that Google will search in you are getting in trouble. Here, I am going to tell you these 5 things you should never search on Google

Today, Google has all the information that we want to search. So if we consider Google to be an Internet guru then there is no mistake, but Google keeps an eye on each of your activities. If you do something wrong with Google, you may get in trouble.

You can use Google only for online help, but many miss-search can prove to be dangerous for you. In this post, I am telling about some of the things that you should not forget even in Google.

These 5 Things You Should Never Search on Google

Searching about these five things in Google is not less than giving a finger to the mouth of a snake, although it is not necessary to take it seriously, sometimes it can be a problem for you.

1. Location


If you search for information related to your place and location in Google, it can sometimes prove to be harmful to you. Google or any hacker may steal your address, name, age and other information. Passwords may leak. Google can use it anyway, that means your privacy is in danger.

2. Email Address


Google tracks all that you do on Google, so do not ever type your email address or Mail ID password into Google. This may cause your email account to be hacked, password leaks and your Mail ID may be used incorrectly. Therefore, do not search for the email address on Google.

3. Criminal Activities


Searching for information related to criminal activities in Google can be dangerous. If you search for information related to criminal things in Google then you may be in big trouble. You may also catch the police if you are searching for information related to criminal activity on Google. That's why Google should not always search for information related to criminal activities.

4. Medical Drugs


When you search for information related to drugs in Google, this data is transferred to third-party. You are examined and ads related to the same illness are shown to you. Now the problem is that medical information is also given to criminal websites and you do not even know when you have been linked to the criminal site so it can cause trouble for you.

5. Unsafe Search


Whenever you do unsafe searching in Google, Google shows you ads related to it. This will introduce you to their ads. If this is happening to you, then your activity is being monitored.
If you do not want to be joking about your security and you do not see ads related to your search, then you stop unsafe search in Google.

Now you may have come to know what you should not find in Google. Apart from these, you should not search for Google about hacking. Also, do not search for "How to hack" topics in Google, or Google can understand hackers.
I hope you have found useful information about this post. If yes, then share it on social media and your friends.
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