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What is a supercomputer and how does it work?


A supercomputer is a computer with high-level performance and can perform very high-level calculation and computing compared to a general-purpose computer...

Today I will talk about what is supercomputer and what does it work? About Supercomputer. All you have to know about a computer, but today I will tell you about the supercomputer. If you don't know about Super Computer, then this post is for you. In this post, you will get full information about supercomputers. In this post what is a supercomputer? How does a supercomputer work? What does supercomputer work? How much does a supercomputer cost? What is the world's fastest Supercomputer? Which is the fastest supercomputer in India? All of this will get information. So let us know what is a supercomputer and what does it work?

Supercomputer sounds like a computer's super version, this is also true because supercomputer is a fast device processing from an existing computer.

I talked earlier, computers used vacuum tubes and transistors, and the computers used to be a large room size.

But after the introduction of Integrated Circuit and microchips, the size of the computer has decreased substantially. Let's know about supercomputers.

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What is a Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a computer with high-level performance compared to a general-purpose computer. A supercomputer can perform very high-level calculation and computing in comparison to the general-purpose computer.

It works thousands of times faster than a normal computer. That's why it is called supercomputer. This is the fastest and most powerful of all available computer systems at any given time.

Supercomputer performance is generally measured in the floating-point operation per second instead of millions of instructions per second.

This computer system is used where there is a need to perform the real-time task with much power and fast processing.

Operating System in Super Computer:

The performance of a supercomputer is measured in flops, which means floating-point operations per second. That's why the more the FLOPS, the more computer the more powerful it will be.

A supercomputer is a computer that currently performs in the highest operational rate. It is most commonly used for scientific and engineering applications.

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How does Supercomputer work?


The need for supercomputers is used for scientific and engineering applications, which requires the calculation of database and high-level calculation too.

Supercomputers are very fast, powerful and expensive. That is why it is used only where there is a need to make large and fast calculations.

Apart from this, it is also used in special operations, because there is a lot of time in special operations, they have to work more in less time.

What does Supercomputer do?

Let me explain and explain to you where the supercomputer is used. The following works are done mainly from supercomputers.

Functions of Supercomputer:

■ Climate Research
■ weather forecasting
■ Physical Simulations
■ Code Breaking
■ Genetic Analysis
■ Animated Graphics
■ Quantum Mechanics
■ Molecular modelling
■ Oil and Gas Exploration
■ Make fluid dynamic (Fluid Dynamic Calculations)
■ Nuclear Energy Research

How much does a supercomputer cost?

Price of Supercomputer: The price of supercomputers depends on how much it calculates with the speed of the floating-point per second. The faster the super-computer, the higher the price, the more expensive it is.

Therefore, creating and using supercomputers is not easy. Generally, the cost of supercomputers is $20,000, but large supercomputer costs up to 300 million US dollars.

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The world's Fastest Supercomputer


On the matter of supercomputer, you must have come to the question that which are the world's fastest supercomputers and which of the countries?

The world's 2 fastest computers are from the US. These are the names of both computers, Summit and Sierra. Both of them use IBM technology.

Summit was crowned the world's fastest supercomputer in June 2018. Summit performed the mathematical test LINPACK at 122.3 Petaflops per second.

China's Sunway TaihuLight was the world's fastest computer before Summit. Whose estimated value was $273 million.

Altogether, the world's 10 fastest supercomputers have 5 Americans, 1 Chinese and 1-1 Switzerland, Japan and Germany.

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India's Fastest Supercomputer

According to January 2018, Cray XC40 is India's fastest supercomputer. Its storage is 1.5 terabytes. It was inaugurated (January 8, 2018) by the Union Minister of Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan.

It is located in "Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology" (IITM) in Pune. India's supercomputer's top speed is 42.56 TFLOPS per second.

India's Top 5 Super Computers

The names of the 5 fastest supercomputers in India areas follows.
■ Reckoning - Cray XC40
■ Mihir - Cray XC40
■ InC1 - Lenovo
■ C1040SERC - Cray XC40
■ iDataPlex DX360M4

When and how did Supercomputer create?

If you study the history of the computer, you will know that no one is contributing to it, but it is made up of contributions from many people.

Different people have made different contributions at different times in the making of computers. After that, we got this amazing machine (computer).

But if one person speaks, Seymour Cray (1925-1996) has contributed the most to create a supercomputer. That's why they are given the most credit for making supercomputers.

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Advantages of Supercomputer:

The supercomputer is used by many large companies such as IBM, Paypal. This computer not only provides more speed than normal computer but also reduces online fraud.

It works thousands of times faster than the normal computer. Which allows us to work more and more in less time.

Overall, supercomputers have become the need of those who run away in a run-down world. Some areas have become so dependent on them that they can not work without a supercomputer.

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Today we are living in the age of information technology and this technology cannot be without computers. The computers we use in Daily Life are called ordinary computers.

The normal complex syrup can be done by simple tasks such as small calculation, viewing the picture, typing the text. But for the big things supercomputers are needed.

In this article, we know what a supercomputer is and what works. Where is the use of a supercomputer? How much does a supercomputer cost?

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