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10 Best Android Apps that Must be on Your Mobile


These 10 best Android apps that must be on your mobile.

Thousands of Android Apps are available for smartphones, but they are not all work. Some of them are of our important and some apps are very important to us. In this article, I am telling you about the 10 best Android apps that must be on your mobile. So, let's know about the 10 best Android apps that must be on your mobile.

Android is the world's most popular operating system. There are about 1.5 million applications available in this ecosystem. On Google Play Store, so many Android apps are available that the user falls into confusion.

The first question in front of you is to use which app because there are thousands of apps for the same category. Which app is used, it depends on your personal needs.

But there are some that should be on everyone's mobile phone. Because anybody can use them and it is important for everyone.

We've prepared a list of some of the best Android apps for you. You must use them in your mobile.

These 10 Android Apps Must Have Your Mobile

For Android mobiles, 10 best Android apps that must be on your mobile. Know what apps on your smartphone should be the.

1. AVG Antivirus

For mobile users, the smartphone is like a locker, in which it has many types of personal data (photos, videos, documents). Like a locker lock, there should also be a good antivirus for security on your mobile.

You can choose the Best Anti-virus app according to your liking. If I talk to me, then I use AVG Antivirus on my mobile.

2. MX Player

The default video player given in the mobile does not support many types of video. But in Mx Player, you can play any types of video.

This video player is World Famous and mobile users use the most of this app to watch the video.

3. True Caller

We sometimes have the problem of getting calls from unknown numbers. Many times we are doing very important things, and then when such a call comes, we want to know about it.

If your mobile has the True Caller app installed, then when a call comes from an unknown number, its name will also be visible along with its number.

4. PayTM

We have to go to a nearby retailer to recharge our mobile number. Many times when you get into trouble and the balance of the phone ends, there is a lot of trouble.

If you keep PayTM app on your smartphone and keep a little amount of balance in it, you can recharge your mobile whenever you want.

5. App Lock

The mobile phone is like a locker for you. In it, you keep lots of precious things, this you do not want to share with anyone. To keep your personal data secure in your mobile, you should use the App Lock app.

You can lock in all Android apps with the help of this app.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps by default is installed in android mobiles. If by mistake you have uninstalled it, or you have not updated this app then update it now.

If you forget the path somewhere else, and there is no one to tell you the way, then Google Maps will help you in such a way. It will guide you along the way and guide you at every turn.

7. Automatic call recorder

In today's time, Automatic Call Recorder is very important. Because can anyone call from an unknown number. In which someone can talk to you in bad language or threaten.

If you report it to the police then you have gone wrong or threatened, call recordings will be proof of this.

8. All Social Applications

No one can live without social media in today's time. Almost every smartphone user runs Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter on their mobile.

Your mobile should also have WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger apps, so you are also connected to the world through them.

9. Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster

Cleaner App cleans Junk and Cache files from Mobile. This boosts the performance of your mobile.

You must install the ''Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone'' Cleaner app on your mobile. So that you can clean the files, that are useless from your mobile when needed.

10. Offline dictionary

No one knows the meaning of every word and does not have internet connection in our mobile at all times. In this way, our mobile should have an offline dictionary app.

Whenever we need to know the meaning of any word, we will know what it means, even without an Internet connection.


These 10 Android apps that, you must have on your mobile. If your mobile does not have this app then you can download & install them now. You may need them anytime.

Instead of the MX player, you can also use the VLC player. You should use the app which is best for you.

I would advise you to use one of the most important Android Apps, the Antivirus App.

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