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Here's the Best Price of Old Phones, Know how to Sell

Here I have told the way to sell old phones at a good price, these websites are quite good and it is also quite easy to sell from here…

There was a time when we buy a phone; we were thinking that it should last for at least two to three years. But today the time has changed. Technology has become quite fast and after every six months, the technology of the phone changes. In such a case, you also try to change the phone in six months. Sell the old phone at a good price and take the new phone. Although everyone is ready to give a new phone, get very little people to get sold to old phones. Even if there is anyone, the price gets such that there is no desire to give it. At first, the purchase of the phone was low. Then the phones were sold to friends. But today it becomes a bit difficult to sell the phone in every six months.

Exchange offers are offered in online shopping but here also the only cheat is given. That means your phone is priced so low that you prefer to keep in the house instead of selling. But today there are some apps and sites that offer the right price for your phone. You can get the right price by selling your old phone on them. The most important thing is that these sites pay cash, and take the phone to your home. In such a way, the phone becomes easy to sell, and the price is also very good. Further, I have mentioned about 5 such websites, as well as the process of selling the phone.


Currently is the most discussed. Here you can sell your old phone very easily. There is also a Cashify mobile app in addition to When you go to sell your old phone then the information will be taken about phone duration and box contents. After this, the status of the phone will be asked and then the price of the phone will be told. That's how much money you will get paid for the old phone. This process is very easy and you can know only after a few clicks.

After this process, you can set the location and time of phone pickup. The executive who pays your call will pay the money. However, in some places, money is being paid through the UPI.


The services of are also similar to Cashify, and come to your house and take the old phone, and then getting paid. The best thing is to say that in the phone shopping, which is the details, everything is given on the same page. You can easily scroll and give the details of your phone and then the price of your phone will be revealed. After this, you can decide the pickup of your phone. The company executive comes to the home and checks the phone status according to what you have said and gives the money.

Recycledevice is also good if you want to sell your old phone. We were getting the highest price here for some devices. Rather, say that more than 1,000 rupees were getting more than other websites. The way of selling the phone, it is almost the same that we have seen before. First of all, you will be asked some questions about the status of the phone and in the end, it will be valued. After this, you can decide the pickup of your phone.

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If you are selling your phone then you can check phone prices on four or five websites. Where you get the most, sell it there. is also a good mobile trading website. Here you can sell your phone and tablet. To sell the device, first you have to choose a brand and then choose the name of the model. After this, there will be questions related to the position of the phone and you can provide his information there. After this, the price of the phone will be stated in the end. You can now set up the pickup of the phone.

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The website also gives cash in exchange for old phones and the way to sell the phone is the same as you have seen on another website. First of all, search for your phone or phone name and choose a phone model. After this, there will be some questions about your phone. When you have finished all the formalities, then the price of the phone is stated at the end. After this, you can decide your pickup.

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These websites are quite good and it is quite easy to sell from here rather than finding buyers for the phone. Not only this, but these companies also give good value, in such a way, you can find out the exact price of your phone at these sites sitting at home and selling them.
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