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Oraimo Studio H66D: Enjoy fantastic music in the premium look

Oraimo Studio H66D wireless Bluetooth headphones come with a lightweight design that allows you to use comfortably for a long time

Every day new innovations are seen in the smartphone market. Along with smartphones, accessories are also changing. Today many brands are removing 3.5mm audio jacks in their phones. In order to enjoy the music in the smartphone, the wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming the first choice instead of the expensive USB Type-C port. So many brands of wireless music players and Bluetooth headphones are available in the market, but in this crowd which of the Wireless headphones will suit your personality and will give real music with great features, it becomes a bit difficult to choose.

Recently, the Oraimo brand has been launched Studio H66D Headphone. The company claims that it offers features such as long battery backup and inbuilt mic with excellent music. I used the Oraimo Studio H66D for a few days and knew that what really suits this claim. In our small review, I have told you about your experience, about the Oraimo Studio H66D headphone. Will it be a Perfect Deal for the user to buy it or will this headphone be lost in the crowd? Learn

Look and design

The Oraimo Studio H66D headphone is made in black colour, which is a matte finish. The headphone has a fine ring on the outer side of both the over-ear headphones and silver plating on the joint of the ear-cup and over-ear. Along with matte finish, the silver coating gives the Oraimo Studio H66D an aggressive look in the first look. Under the headband, a cushion pad has been given in black colour for good support and the colour of the cushion foam on the ear-cup is also black. Overall, Studio H66D makes premium realizations only by looking at it.

Today, while most brands come with foldable headband, Oraimo Studio H66D's headband cannot be folded from the over-ear side. Because of this, it takes a little more space in the bag. It can be said of its lack. Due to the non-foldable headband, there is a risk of breaking or jerking in the headband, but the Studio H66D is quite flexible, so this problem will not be found with this Oraimo. The headband is adjustable, which can be bigger or smaller through the slider.

Oraimo Studio H66D Headphone has a volume control button on top right over-ear. Below this, the power button has been given. On the same side, Inbuilt Mike and 3.5mm Audio Jack are available. A micro USB port is provided on the left overhead of headphones. When the power button is pressed long, it is turned on and off which indicates with red and blue light. At the same time, the volume can be changed when the volume button is pressed.

Comfortable Use


Due to make of the plastic fibre in the studio H66D, this headphone has a considerable weight. In such a way, it feels extremely comfortable during use and due to the cushion; it does not have any problem in hanging on the neck for long periods of time. Over-ear headphones are given in large size which covers the ears completely. Oraimo made them in round shape instead of an oval shape, which would be better said. Likewise, ear-cups in over-ear are also very soft and do not allow skins and ear irritations during long use. Oraimo Studio H66D has both the features of sourness and softness.

Super sound

The Oraimo Studio H66D headphone itself proves to be better in terms of look and comfort, while it's sound quality is also very great. Coming to the company's claim, the studio offers sound at the H66D HD quality. The bass of the headphones are not very much, but still will be called good. During the use, the best balance was found in both Trouble and Bass. The sound does not break even on volume enhancement, and the bass is also balanced, as well as increasing the bass, the vocal voice does not even suppress. According to the quality of the song, this headphone also gives surrounding sound effects.

Voice cancellation in the studio H66D headphone is very great. Once the song is played in the headphone, the outer voice completely closes. Even if there is a screaming, you will still be happy in your tunes. Due to the fully fit ear-cup, the quality of the headphones increases even further. But on the other hand, the problem of sound leaks has been found to increase volume in the Studio H66D. That is, if you are listening to the song then even a slight voice comes out. At the same time, the sound of the studio H66D can be heard in a clear and loud voice when removed from the ears.

Connectivity and mic

Oraimo Studio H66D is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that can be connected to mobile, laptop and TV via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity is good. By placing the phone in one place, you can roam the whole house with headphones, connectivity does not break. It is easy to pair the headphones with any device and once it is paired it connects itself to the device very fast every time it is turned on.

The Inbuilt Mic of Studio H66D is also clear and transmits voice properly during voice calls. Mike's placement is fine but during the call, it has not been able to completely stop the surrounding noise. If you are somewhere outside, it catches your noise as well as other noise which seems a little disturbing during calls. On the contrary, if you are in the indoor, then the calling is clear.

Battery backup

Oraimo has given a 500 mAh battery in his Studio H66D headphone, which gives 200 hours of standby and 20 hours of playtime as per the company's claim. During the use, the company's claim of headphones has proved to be very good. Although I did not keep the headphones in play mode continuously, once full charge, I heard songs on this headphone for 3 days in the home. That is, the Studio H66D has backed up more than 20 hours. It is a good thing that even after giving low battery notifications, this device played songs for about 1 hour.


Oraimo Studio H66D Headphone has been launched by the company at a price of Rs 2,999. This wireless Bluetooth Headphone is available on the website of the company as well as on the shopping site Amazon and Flipkart. Let us know that the Studio H66D is listed for sale at Amazon India at a price of Rs. 2,073. This will be a good deal in this budget.


  • Premium & Classic Look
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Long battery backup


  • Irritating Notification Voice
  • Glitch sound when Bluetooth distance increases
  • Unfoldable Design
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If you levy style and show off, then the Oraimo Studio H66D The headphone will suit your personality perfectly. The look of this wireless Bluetooth headphone is very impressive, which can easily capture people's eyes. The sound of the headphones is also excellent and with a strong battery, it lasts for a long time. The Studio H66D is also comfortable during use. Here, we needed to make a slight change in the notification prompt, and if there was a foldable design then it would have been even better. But seeing all the points, if you buy these headphones from Amazon at Rs. 2,073, then the Oraimo Studio H66D can be called a Perfect Choice.
Oraimo Studio H66D: Enjoy fantastic music in the premium look Oraimo Studio H66D: Enjoy fantastic music in the premium look Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Friday, June 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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