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Revolt RV 400 India’s First Fully Electric Motorcycle

Revolt RV 400 AI Enabled first Electric Motorcycle India has been launched, get complete information about its prices, features, and booking date...

How can a bike run without petrol? It is not possible that the questions will arise in your mind. But let us tell you that now it is possible and soon a bike is launched in the Indian automobile market, which will run without petrol and its price will be the same as today's petrol bike. Revolt Electric Motorcycle, maybe you have read about it in the news or not.

Today in this post you will get complete information about Revolt electric bike. Its design, specification, and price. With this, you will get more secret information about how a smartphone owner has come in the automobile field and what is the secret behind it?

First Electric Motorcycle In India

Do you know, that if you live in the US then you must have a car? Similarly, if you live in India then having a Bike in the house with a family is very important.

There is no motorcycle launch yet in India, which is an electric motorcycle, it is not that there is no eBike in India. Electric Scooter is available in India very early and Hero Electric Bikes is famous all over India.

But if you talk about a motorcycle company like Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha, TVS, so far no automobile company has ever produced any such electric motorcycle. The Revolt has launched the 1st electric bike in India, so this title has got Revolt and will be available in the market in a few days.

Revolt Electric Motorcycle India

Revolt is not only India's first electric motorcycle but it is also India's 1st AI-enabled Electric Motorcycle. There are many artificial intelligence features that help in boosting bike performance, and security.

This bike is not created by any top Indian automobile company, but a new company named REVOLT Motor INTELLICORP, and the company's first electric motorcycle name is Revolt RV 400.


As much as looking at the RV 400, the better features are given here. Revolt RV 400 can be charged through different modes. You can also charge its battery on the onboard, which will also work in the Normal socket. The bike itself can also be charged with portable charging. You can also take out its battery and charge it too. You can also swipe the bike's battery through the mobile swap station. The company has been working on the construction of this e-bike for almost 2 years. The company has shared its fundamentals with the Bangalore-based Startup Athar Energy.

  1. RV 400 once charged, will run up to 156km.
  2. Top speed of RV 400 is about 85km/h.

3. The bike has AI features given. Which can be controlled with the help of an Android app, and all the necessary information related to Bike can be obtained.


If you talk about the availability of RV 400, then at first this motorcycle will be available in big cities like Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Ahmadabad, and Chennai. Because the company's only manufacturing unit is located in Manesar, Haryana, which can make 1 million 20 thousand motorcycles in a year.

Revolt RV 400 Price In India

Whenever a company brings something new along with some advanced features to the market, then the focus of the customers is at the highest price. Because if that thing is out off the customer's budget, then the customer does not have any value with its features. Earlier it happened in India when Reliance Jio came in the market with the latest 4G technology and shocked everyone with its price, and tariff plan.
Revolt RV 400 has also left all the company behind with its new feature. So everyone has the curiosity to know about its price, but let me tell you that there is no official update yet, about its price. According to the news channel, its price will be around 1 lakh rupees. If that happens then it will be great news for customers.

Revolt RV 400 Booking Date

You can not book this at this time. Yet, there is no clear information about Revolt RV 400 booking date. But pre-booking is going to start from 25th June 2019 ie today, and for this, you can register with information from the Revolt motor official website and You will get a notification about the pre-order.

You may have to pay 1000 rupees for pre-order and after the order confirmation of the rest. There is no information at this time about when the bike will arrive after the pre-order.

Who is the owner of the Revolt Motorcycle Company?

Rahul Sharma is the owner of the Revolt Motorcycle company. Perhaps you have forgotten them but at one time it is the founder of India's second top mobile brand Micromax. Now the Chinese mobile companies have completely eliminated it from the market. Maybe no one is buying a Micromax smartphone in India. But now Rahul Sharma has started a new one in the field of automobile and they have launched the country's first AI-powered motorcycle. Which will soon run on the country's roads.

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Friends, the concept of Revolt RV 400 Bike is correct, but see how it performs. When it comes to the market then it will be known. If you want to buy a bike, then this can be a good option for you.

Friends, if this information is good for you, then share it with your friends and social media. If there is any idea about it in your mind then definitely write down in the comment box.


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  2. Thanks for such a nice content. Apppreciate it :)
    If anyone interested similar one's have a look here thanks

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