Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tagg PowerBass-700 Review: Great for Music Lovers


If you are thinking of buying a new headphone, then Tagg PowerBass-700 can prove to be a good option with strong bass.

In today's time, almost everybody has a hobby to listen to music. But, some prefer speakers, some prefer listening to songs in their headphones/earphones and without disturbing anyone. At the same time, companies are presenting their products according to the requirement of all the users in the market. In the meanwhile, the Indian Electronic Company TAGG is trying to step up its move.

TAGG has long been launching its Bluetooth Earphone / Headphone in the Indian market. At the same time, once again the company is trying to users on their own new Bluetooth headphones. We are talking about Tagg PowerBass-700, using which we tried to know whether this is the best for you. Launched by Headphone Company.

There is also ending of 3.5mm jack in the phone, due to the Bluetooth headphone being popular. You do not have the tension of the long wire in the Bluetooth headphones. At the same time, Bluetooth headphones are good for those who like to listen to music with workouts. Apart from this, it is also very effective in a crowded area. Please note that PowerBass-700 is an upgrade version of PowerBass-400 launched by the Bluetooth headphone company. Let's try to learn more about PowerBass-700 Bluetooth headphones.



If it's designed to talk, this headphone is over-the-ear headphones that cover your ears completely. In the cup provided, the good quality fabric has been used. Below the right cup, three buttons are given. One of the buttons to turn on the headphones. At the same time, the volume can be reduced and sharpened by up and down of a single button. Apart from this, there is another button in the headphone which is for bass. Apart from this, the MicroUSB port and 3.5mm jacks will be available for charging at the bottom right i.e. after the headphone battery down, users will be able to listen to the music with the help of a wire.

The unit which we have come for review is of black colour. The matte finish given in this headphone is quite good. It is not bad to use it again and again. At the same time, it looks good in appearance. It can be easily folded and placed in the bag and in less space during travel, it will not be a problem for you. This headphone is lightweight.

Its weight is a total of 200 grams. It is quite comfortable when listening to music after covering the ears completely. The use of headphones is not limited to listening to music only. In this, you will get a single microphone, which will not have any kind of disturbance at the time of the call.



This Bluetooth headphone has a good sound effect. But, its biggest asset is the bass given in it. If you are fond of hearing hip-hop songs, it will not disappoint you. However, the faster bass may bother you in a little bit. But, with the help of a given bass button in the headphone, you can turn its bass on-off. At the same time, you get good battery life too. Also, there will be no issue of audio quality in the voice call. In the given microphone, on the other hand, my voice was heard very clearly during the call.


There was no problem in connecting headphones to smartphones. But, if you have trouble connecting it, then press the power button long then headphone goes into restart mode and connects to the smartphone.

If you increase the volume in this headphone, the outside noise will be negligible. At the same time, if you do the volume of the phone, it provides a good noise cancellation. If you live in Metro City and travel by public transport you will love it. Overall, the performance of this headphone can be called superb. However, according to its price, it can be called good.

Battery life


If you talk about the battery life, then the company claims that it gives 14 hours of music play time regarding the battery given in this wireless headphone. Headphones can be charged in 2-3 hours. It does not show any type of indication in the headphone with its battery, so it is difficult to get the headphone's battery information. However, once charging, it works 12 hours a day during the music, movies, and gaming. Also, read: Nu Republic Starboy Wireless Headphone with Mic review

Buy or not

There is no doubt that this wireless headphone offers quite a strong bass. Apart from this, its build quality is quite good. This headphone was launched at Rs 4,499. But, on many online sites, you can buy it for a low price of Rs 3,149. If you are looking for a headphone that provides a strong base with a better sound, you can buy it blindly.

However, in the case of style, it is simple. But, if you want to take stylus headphones, around this price, you can see the Sony-WH-CH 500, which can be seen at Rs 3,999 and Infinix Quite X, which costs 6,999 rupees. At the same time, you can also buy Skullcandy's Rif Wireless Headphones. Let's say the price of these headphones can be different online and offline.

Price and availability

Tagg PowerBass-700 Bluetooth headphones cost Rs 4,499, which is not cheap at all. But, if you are looking for a lightweight and non-wire headphone then you can think of spending so much money. The lightweight and the bass quality that can be found can be called the USP of this headphone. You can buy this headphone at a lower price of Rs 3149 on the online platform. We found on Flipkart and Amazon that this headphone is being sold at a low price.

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