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What is Computer Virus and How Does it Work?


A computer virus is a type of program written using the programming language. Once a virus executed, then repeating itself by modifying other computer programs.

The virus is a word that every person who runs mobile and computer scares and everyone is familiar with it. Everyone who has a smartphone, computer, wants to avoid the virus. But why? Have you ever wondered what is a virus? How do viruses spread so fast on the Internet? If you want to know every information related to Virus, then you will find everything in this post.

There are people of all kinds in the world, bad guys are also with good people. Some people, who have good knowledge on the internet, write some programs to harm others, who specializes in destroying computers and related system databases. Sometimes people do this kind of work just for fun and for money. After all, what is this computer virus? If you do not know much about computer viruses then let's know in detail.

What is a Computer Virus?


A computer virus is a type of malicious program written using the programming language. A Virus code when executed replicates itself by modifying other computer programs, and it reaches every file in the storage and corrupts it, deletes it and damages it.

Viruses are not made by themselves, but they are made by a skilled programmer to harm others. It spreads very fast. When the virus is executing in the system, it connects to the boot system and the more often it binds the system, the more it spreads.

What is the full form of Virus?


Virus full form "Vital Information Resource Under Seize"
There is no infection inside the software until it is executed. But once executed, then the whole system starts to distribute the donor. Even the speed of the computer slows down to a very low level so that the computer is not worth any work.

How does the virus work?


Before knowing how this works, let me tell you that to build a virus, knowledge of programming language is important. This means you must have understood who makes a virus.

Virus forming is mostly people who know the programming language. Because no virus can be created without the knowledge of programming language. It does not need any special software to make it, but a very simple application, which we know as notepad.

Just write some codes and save the file with the executable extension. After this somehow the target system has to reach. Then the virus starts its work.

So how does a virus work? As you know, the virus is a program or code, which connects itself to a file, software. Viruses are attached to files or software that's called infected files.

The virus starts reproducing itself as soon as the infected file or software runs it. This way the virus begins to spread. And all programs, documents, games and email attachments start to be infected. After this, when we transfer these files to CDs, DVDs, USB-drives, they also spread through other media through digital media.

The virus does not work until it is attached to the attached file, program or email attachment, ie until it has no ambiguity. The effect of infection can be anything as small as a popup or complete data and program.

How do you recognize a virus?


Computer viruses can be of every shape and size, but the same thing is common in all. Due to infections, computer systems themselves show that the virus has been attacked.

Still, it happens that even though you have an infection, you probably do not know. Identifying Infection is not very difficult to diagnose. When Malware infection has not reached the serious form, its sign appears in the computer already.

But what is the identity from which we can easily find that malware infection has been detected in your system?

1. Computer system seems to hang frequently

If you have not installed any software or hardware recently, the system seems to hang frequently and does not work at all. This means that the virus has been infected in your system.

2. Automatic changes occur in browser settings

When the computer is infected with virus malware attack or spyware attack, then the browser's homepage settings automatically change. Having infections, the browser homepage changes automatically.

Whenever you open the Internet, the automatic web page opens as a homepage. Most people set their home page themselves, and when the webpage begins to open automatically after the homepage changes itself, then it is Malware or Spyware Infection.

3. Popup window opens when clicked

As soon as the Internet starts popping windows automatically, it is possible that your system has a spyware attack. Or your system has been infected with any malware. Having malware infections, whether you click to open a particular website, it will open any unknown web page.

4. Folder option virus (virus in full system in one click)

Folder options transition is very dangerous. I have experienced it myself. Within each folder, the folder of the same name is named as .exe. These infections come from a USB disk, CD, DVD. These viruses will only infect your system when you click on the infected file. But it is dangerous for the reason that there is a delay to do just one click on it and the whole system will be infected.

Even when new unknown icons and shortcuts are created in the desktop, it is possible that any malware or spyware infection has happened in your system, and it is also possible that when you open these shortcuts, open a website instead of the application. These are Malware infections.

What happens with the Folder option malware infection?

● As soon as you open the command prompt and the DOS, the system will restart automatically.

● Folder of folder option in the Control Panel disappears.

● Each folder will be created as a .exe folder with the same name automatic.

● Just copy and paste these folders into any other digital media such as USB drive, hard disk, memory card, and the folder option will be malware infection in its entire memory.

● It's just a solution, complete disk format.

5. It takes more time to start the computer

When the computer malware gets infected, then it takes more time to boot your system. Which normally takes low time. If you can not log in correctly with your correct username and password, then its possible that any malware has changed your login access codes.

In this way, you can easily identify the virus attack on your computer. If such issues have started suddenly and getting regular, then it means that your system is virus infected.

Types of Virus

There are many types of computer viruses, that's help hackers hack into any system by injecting viruses. Some of these are so destructive that even destroy the data and steal information as well.

It's not hard to hack any network for these hackers. They use different types of computer virus as per their required. On the day the new computer programs are created and used to hack.

Everywhere in the world, there are people who write such computer programs that infect the computer and by using them steal information and corrupt information. Here I will tell you about different types of computer viruses, about which information is very important.

World's Most 10 Dangerous Virus

Here I am giving you a complete list of different types of viruses in the world and about them. With this information, you can keep your Computer/Smartphone safe.


2. Yankee Doodle

3. Nimda

4. Morris Worm

5. Conficker

6. Beast Trojan Horse

7. Melissa

8. My Doom

9. Code Red

1. I love you Virus


The virus named "I Love You" has crashed many servers, banking, pagers, and paging services so far. The virus comes through a mail whose subject is written: "I Love you" Inside, there is an attachment with the name "Love letter for you". By clicking on it, the virus spreads like a termite all over the computer as soon as it spreads, the computer becomes infected and all the files are removed.

2. Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle is also a very dangerous virus. It was made in 1989 in Vienna. Yankee Doodle transitions all .com and .exe files. If this virus is on the computer then at 4 o'clock, it starts playing as a "Yankee Doodle" alarm.

3. Nimda


Nimda virus was invented in 2001. The name of this virus is made from the English word admin. Reverse the word "Admin" will name this virus. Nimda virus has the advantage of emails, server vulnerabilities, share folders and files to spread itself. This virus is the fastest spreading virus on the Internet, in just 22 minutes. The main motive of this virus is to stop Internet traffic and attack DoS.

4. Morris Worm


Morris Worm Virus was written by Robert Tappan Morris in 1988. When the virus began to spread, 60,000 computers were attached to the Internet and the virus showed its effect on 10%. The potential for this virus is that it slows down the computer to a very low level so that the computer is not worth any work.

5. Conficker


Conficker is also known as DownUp, Downadup, and Kido. It is a type of computer virus that usually targets the Microsoft Windows operating system. Nowadays most people use this Windows OS. In 2009, this virus targeted social networking sites. This virus is used to steal financial data and information.

6. Beast Trojan Horse


Beast Trojan Horse is considered to be quite dangerous. It copies in a few seconds and creates thousands of files and controls all the systems connected to PCs such as Webcam, Printer, Mouse, etc.

7. Melissa


This virus comes with email. It sends virus messages to people in the mailbox. After this message, it attacks the network. It was named after a dancer in Florida.

8. Mydoom


The Mydoom virus shocked the whole world with its shock on January 26, 2004. With this virus, about 2 million computers were infected in the world. This dangerous virus had lost about $380 million (Rs. 2.47 lakh crores). 

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9. Code Red


The most dangerous virus in history also includes Code Red. This virus had devastated the world in 2001. The internet service was affected for several months by the attack of this virus. There was no need to run e-mail attachments or any files for this virus, for this only the internet connection was enough. This virus damaged more than 4 million servers. This caused a loss of about $260 million (Rs. 17,000 crores) and more than 1 million computer damages.

10. Sasser


A virus called Sasser came to headlines in 2004. Computers running Windows OS from this virus were most impressed. After entering the computer, the virus scanned the IP address and targeted the other system. This virus damaged approximately 1 million computers worldwide and had a total loss of $1800 million (Rs. 17 lakh crores).


By the way, internet connections are now protected by securing the virus coming through the Internet. Many programmers use the internet to target the system. But the antivirus software has got a lot of security.

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