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What is FaceApp and why it's getting viral?

What is this FaceApp that getting viral on social sites and how to use FaceApp and whether it is Safe or Not? Know here full information about FaceApp...

On social media, there are some or nothing viral. In a few days, FaceApp has made its way into the minds of people. If you do not know what is FaceApp and why it's getting viral, then this post is for you. So let's know what is FaceApp and why it's getting viral?

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What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is an App that can change your age with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and see how you will show when you are old.

If you are much older, with the help of this app, you can reduce your age and see your youthful image.

There are a lot more features in addition to changing age in this app. As you can change gender, you can bring a smile on your depressed photo, that too with a tooth. Apart from this, there are also more features.

These apps do all this with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Old Age Filter is the most trends now.

Image source Businessinsider
Let me tell you that this is not a new app; this app was launched on 14th Feb 2017. In India, this app is now being viral.

If you open your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will get a lot of photos made of the old filter. Everybody is enjoying themselves from this app by getting old and enjoying it.

The main cause of being FaceApp viral is, filtered old images of celebrity and popular faces to be viral

This has become a kind of trend. Get yourself old and watch your 60-year-old photo and share it on social media.

Now let's know about using this app.

How to Use FaceApp?

FaceApp is very easy to use. Just install it from Play Store on your mobile.

After install, it will ask you to access the gallery, after giving access, you can use this app.

You can use images provided by Facebook, Instagram, Gallery or FaceApp, whether you want to

First, you have to choose a photo, in which you want to filter.

After that, select the filter that you want to apply. You will also see many options in that filter. Select any one according to your liking.

It also has a paid version. There are many more features available than the free version.

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Is Using FaceApp Safe?

As with FaceApp being viral, there is much news related to the FaceApp that this app is not safe. User's data is being stolen by FaceApp.

Let you know that FaceApp is a Russian company. All the apps want to access the photo gallery or contact details.

So it can not be said clearly that the data of users is stolen by them or not.

Because, when any person uses an app, the gives access to the gallery and contact details. Any app without permission cannot access personal details.

What is the FaceApp policy?

If you talk about the terms and conditions of this app, this app says, 'You give FaceAp the irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, full-padded, transferrable license of your content, which is used by user content in reproduces, modifiers, adapt, can be used to publish, translate. '

Your data can be used like this

This means that in the future your photos can be used publicly. The policy of the app is clear that your data can be used for telemarketing, ads and other formats of marketing based on your lecture.

So the conclusion of this is that it depends on the user. If you want to use this app then it will be your responsibility.

It is very important to read its policies before using any app. Because most people download the app without reading the policy. But these people do not know what is written in that policy.

You can see the following videos for more information

Friends, I hope now you will understand that what is FaceApp and how to use it.

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